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Clitoral cancer due to smegma?

was recently having a look ay myself down there as hadnt before and noticed some white stuff under the clitoral hood (not a lot jus a little bit). Since doing abit of reading on the internet this sounds like smegma? (sorry to be gross!). I do wash down there in a daily basis but am now worried am perhaps not getting rid of it all frm under the clitoral hood far down perhaps! (sorry know this sounds icky!).

Anyways I read an article that said this could produce irritation (ive had none that noticed so sigh of relief there), but there was a site that said a build up of smegma could cause cancer, so im worried that if I havent been getting rid of it all frm far under the hood properly that I could be at risk of giving myself clitoral cancer... is there any truth in this?? Never head of anything like this before......

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    Here is a health article that describes male and female smegma and says that there is no scientific evidence that it causes cancer

    Smegma, which comes from the Greek word for soap, is a combination of dead skin cells, oils, moisture, and bacteria that accumulates under the foreskin and within the vulva. It has a characteristic strong odor and taste, especially when allowed to build up unchecked. All mammals produce smegma, male and female.

    Periodic cleaning of the genitals, especially of males, is recommend to keep smegma from building up too much which can be unhealthy. It is made partially of dead skin cells which can begin to decay within the foreskin, which can allow bacteria to accumulate. Smegma is thus often used as a reason to circumcise, as circumcision tends to greatly decrease its accumulation. A much more intelligent way of dealing with this hygiene issue would be to simply wash the penis daily with warm water while retracting the foreskin.

    Smegma, a white emollient, provides moisture to the genitals, keeping them smooth and suft. Smegma can protect both the penis and vagina from dirt and infection because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is quite beneficial to overall genital health. It provides lubrication during sex, which may be one reason why intact males and their partners tend to have better sexual experiences.

    Researchers have tried to link it to penile and cervical cancer, but they have not been successful as all evidence has proven that it has no carcinogen effect. If this were true women would be much more at risk of cancer, being that females produce more smegma than males, and yet we circumcise men believing that it will decrease their chance of cancer by inhibiting smegma accumulation. The American Cancer Society does not list circumcision as a means of fighting penile cancer, making it pointless to deprive a man of this useful substance.

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    Smegma Cancer

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    I think the cancer thing is hogwash. If the smegma causes irritation, simply pull the hood back gently and carefully wash with plain water, no soap. You can do that every time you shower.

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    the other way to avoid smegma secretion is female circumcision..... no please wait...... I talk about female circumcision not female genital mutilation..... hoodectomy not clitoridectomy

    yes hoodectomy is the same with female circumcision and its benefits are:

    better sensation with clitoris due to its uncover and ability to sense stimulation itself.

    and no smegma secretions so its no smegma and no cancer. and no smegmaliths. this is dry smegma and it is under the hood. it is make clitoral erection painful. go to and see the othere name of hoodectomy: female clitoral circumcision

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