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How do I build a time machine so I can go back to before I wet my pants in front of everybody?

I'm 12 and I'm in 7th grade and I'm not the coolest kid in school but not the lowest either. But now I will be the most unpopular kid there is. It was my turn to make a presentatin in front of the class in science. and i totally had to pee BAD but i didnt because it was almost my turn to present. so Then I get up in front and my bladder felt like exploding and I was so nervous that the note cards shook in my hand and then i felt a warm wave. And everyone was laughting. I ran out and left a drippy trail and went to the nurse office and they called my moom and i went home. I need to get a worm hole or time travel. Is it possible somehow to go back in time, because it is necessary and that is the mother of invention. How do I do it?

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    A very interesting question, can science (the practical) cure regret (memory and the emotional).

    You have read the Harry Potter novels but may not have picked up on the importance of the power of children and pre-teens in 'making magic' as means to protect themselves against physical pain and the things they fear the most.[1] You are now moving from your magic-making in to a new and uncertain space and time with new consequences, but carrying a small bag of regret and shame along with your new, early-stage adult awareness to scientific wonders--from magic wands and spells to Stephen Hawking's works on bending space and time.

    While time travel has been theorized to be possible, the Grandfather Paradox of time nullifies the altering of histories past, but does allow the possibility of a co-existing, parallel universe[2,3]. Of course Hollywood has given us wonderful pros and cons of such a possibility.[4,5]

    And so my answer to you is this: You already have a time machine, it is your memory. You can not change your past but you can effectively co-exist with it by placing it in an alternative/parallel space (in your mind) as you move forward in the present. And the best way for you to time travel effectively is with the recorded memories of others who shared the same experience to positive results [6,7,8]

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    Hmmmm...well assuming that you did at some point in the future travel back in time then what would have happened already technically you will still pee whatever you do now..


    But all kidding aside, don't stress. You sound like a pretty cool and funny kid..high school will be a breeze =)

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    you don't, but you don't have to worry because we all do embarassing things. Trust me. I know this was a little more embarrassing then most and I'm not going to lie, it will probably be remembered, but at least you learned a lesson:

    Go to the bathroom before you make a presentation. And just think, for your next presentation not matter what, you will get through it and do better than your last one. And as for future embaressing moments, it will be hard to top this one 8D

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    The embarrassment of today will gain you popularity as a college student or adult tomorrow.

    When you have children, you'll appreciate this experience even more. Good parents are a dime a dozen. Great parents are the ones with the terrific stories.

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    You couldn't have just left the last sip of beer to go to the restroom, could you. Well, obviously you're gonna have to trip a waiter and cause him to dump food in your lap. This will cover the stain, and your girly screams will no doubt cause the manager to let you off the hook for the meal. No embarassing wet spot, and free food. It's a win-win.

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    Dream about the experience, but change it to something less embarrassing. For example, dream that you had to do it to save your girlfriend from being chopped to bits by kidnappers. When you wake up, let the dream be your real past, but you can't tell anyone because the kidnappers may come back if you do.

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    Your best bet is to ignore it or just laugh with them. Don't make a lot of excuses; people see that as trying to cover embarrassment. If your friends laugh, just tell them to stop. If they don't, maybe you should find new friends. As for random people, who cares? It'll be rough for a week, but kids will grow out of it and move on to making fun of some other poor schmuck.

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    By knowing that as much as the kids may laugh, deep down they understand.

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    I suggest freezing yourself until everyone who ever knew you is long dead, then starting fresh in the FuUuuUuUUUTURE.

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    simply make a watch which rotates anticlockwise then you are back to the future!

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