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Is it rude to eat or drink on the Tokyo Subway?

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    Yes, it's rude.

    Besides, trains in rush hours are too crowded to eat or drink.

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    Subway Drinks

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    Yes, it's rude. You should not eat or drink on the Tokyo Subway.

    Of course, just sipping water or tea in a pet bottle is not rude, for it's very hot and humid in summer. However, it's rude to eat lunchbox on the Tokyo Subway.Smells and noises will annoy other passangers.

    Tokyo has been a huge city since Edo Period (around 18th century). Since Edo Period, streets, ships and vehicles in the central Tokyo have always been crowded. As a result, manners to avoid annoying others are very developed in Tokyo.

    Source(s): I'm a Tokyoite.
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    Yes, it is rude to eat or drink on the Tokyo subway or on any urban non-express train as far as this is concerned.

    You could get a stare or two from the other passengers. If it's french fries, double the number of stares when it's onigiri(the smell is aweful in train).

    It's perfectly ok to eat or drink stuff on an express train, especially on shinkansen. It's not so bad in a train running in a rural place either. In Aomori, you could see old people drinking Japanese rice wine and eating smoked squid on a local train.

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  • Robyn
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    That would depend on what you mean by eating and drinking. If it's a sip or two of water or cold tea to quench your thirst or relieve your sore throat then that's fine. If it's alcohol, or slurping down a whole drink, it's rude. If you're eating a small chocolate bar or something else quiet and easy to keep clean, fine. If you're talking about a mac burger and fries or a cup ramen then no way, that's very rude.

    Obviously on shinkansen it's normal to eat and drink, but not on ordinary commuter trains as they're often too crowded and they don't have suitable facilities.

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    Yes, but few people do. Japanese subways are super clean.Not to mention crowded...

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    its extremely rude, but theres nothn stoppin you :)

    Source(s): japanese native
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