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McDonalds interview questions?


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    whether u want counter or kitchen work. any experience. types of hours n time u are available. language fluency. in some restaurants, u may hv to clean toilets. basically, they are willing to train for lower pay, so concentrate on getting yourself looking neat n presentable.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I do interviews for my company(also a food outlet). The interview has very strict outlines as to what can be asked and what cannot. These are governed by Government Legislation. eg Religious Orientation, Sexual Preferences, Ageism! But in most cases after a short Maths Test, the interview should be a relaxed informal affair. I would ask things like what are the person Hobbies, Experience they obtained in a working environment, how they have worked in a team at school/college.. What shift Patterns they are able to do. If the person is under 18 there are rules regarding working with Ovens, Knives etc. But in the main it should be as to whether the person wants a job and takes an interest in the company and what his duties/shifts are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they will ask you about what team work you have bean involved eg football and any confrontations that resulted also if you have worked with the public. they will look for eye contact,smiles and an out going personality it is all about quality ,service and cleanliness (QSC) do not use your phone to txt in the interview believe me it happens a lot!!


    show you are interested ask questions about the job tell them if you have summer holidays booked don't ask about sick pay always a bad sign

    good luck

    Source(s): worked for mcds 10 years now
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  • 1 decade ago

    Are you an ex-con? (guaranteed employment if you say yes)

    Are you ok with crappy hours?

    Do you like cleaning diarrhea off the floor (I had to once)

    Edit: Do you like getting the lowest raise possible because you don't like to go into work on your one day off every week?

    Source(s): Experience. Worked there for two years.
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  • 1 decade ago

    If you need a cheat sheet to get an entry level job at McD"s, you also need someone praying for you

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