should Eastern european immigrants leave UK when its is in recession?

It is for my sociology task so would appreciate if you gave ur age as well:)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi I am 46

    and yes i think they should as there is not enough work for our own people if we went there we would not be given work but here our stupid government say its discrimination if there not employed first. My son works for a large well known company out of 400 warehouse staff 297 are E U agency workers it should be British jobs for British workers and any spare vacancy's then let EU workers apply

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  • jj26
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    1 decade ago

    well god forbid that the british government should be able to run its own country (we have the eu to do that now). We didnt put restrictions on the polish in 2004 - big mistake (the germans and french did). Basically the rule seems to be to not trust any former communist nation because they are pretty desperate. I hear Eastern european accents everywhere now, and i dont like it.

    Im sure they are nice as pie and have a great work ethic (people need to assess where that work ethic came from) but 2 million since 2004 is a total p**s take. Manufacturing is disapearing in this country as it is, so many lower class, manual worker types already struggle without filling all the jobs with bloody communists.

    But until we leave the eu theres nothing we can do about it, more and more british money will be directed eastwards and once the commies have filled their pockets they simply head off back to krakow. I know someone who got a polish builder in who claimed was settling in the uk permantly. They phoned them up to come back and sort out some problems with the work "I sorry, i in Poland now, you find someone else, bye bye"

    gardeninghogweed: what he says is true. There are many places where almost all the staff are eastern europeans.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My wife is Ukrainian. She works in the UK.

    I am just being made redundant from an office furniture manufacturer in Lancashire called senator international.Both because of a lack of government funded orders and beacuse a lot of our work is being exported to China.

    When i look at i see nothing.

    When i talk to friends who work for othr companies in the area of NE Lancs.

    I find that you can only get a job at the company through an agency that advertises in Krackow.

    Many companies in Lancs will only employ temporary Polish staff because they say that all the health and safety signs are in Polish.

    So many companies are into this lean manufacturing ethic and are just looking to maximise profits and pay the bosses high bonuses.

    One company in the town where i live that deals in childrens school uniforms ( called Trutex ) made most of its british staff redundant and replaced them two weeks later with Polish staff at far lower pay.

    The fact is Polish workers do not have mortgages to pay.They spend there money going back to Warsaw for the weekend

    I have nothing against Polish people.My wife is Ukrainian and has proberbly taken a job here that should of gone to a British person and i have no argument with that except it is going to be her who is the breadwinner what can i say ?

    What i will say is this.

    The British government have done sod all for the likes of me and others.

    Tell me why i should vote for a mainstream party at the next election instead of the BNP?

    If you think they would make life even more difficult than it already is for us, then we have the option to take even more money out of the country and enough for me to retire on in Ukraine.

    The fact is this

    Whilst mainstream politicians are living the high life on expense accounts whilst so many of us are on the old king cole, then they can not seriously excpect the likes of us to vote for them.

    Until they do something about stopping this human slave trade at the expense of British workers then the worse it will get .

    it could even get sorted out on the streets instead of parliament if things get worse.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Most East Euorpean are migrant workers - they go were the work is. In a recession many leave the UK anyway. Immigration from East Europe has declined over the last 3 years. The market is already dictating migrant workers without the need for Government intevention.

    Age - 30 something

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  • 1 decade ago

    As long as they are working and contributing to the economy by paying taxes, rent, rates etc then they have the right to be here. If they are not then that is a Government issue and would hope common sense would prevail and not allow people to come to this country if there are no jobs for them. That would mean they become a drain on the tax payers and I believe we have a heavy enough tax burden as it is.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The problem is that in a recession, every unskilled EU migrant working in Britain potentially means a British citizen who is not working.

    Which adds to the unemployment figures, benefits bill etc,

    Its difficult to express a feeling that EU migration should be restricted without being accused of by pro-EU supporters of "racism" but the above point is something to consider.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If they are in work then of course they should stay,maybe we should only allow those in that have a job to go to.

    I gave you some idea of my age when answering your other question.

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  • 1 decade ago

    OH YES. I'm old enough to remember when G.B. was just that. What a ruddy shambles we have now.

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