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Creationists, if you got a grant for 30 million for ID reseach, what experiments would you do to prove ID?

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    It is much funnier than that.

    Baraminology is the pseudoscience that sets out to prove that animals can never evolve (since the Bible asserts that every living thing was created 'each after its own kind').

    There have been several Baraminological research initiatives.

    But Baraminologists keep needing to destroy or suppress their own research findings. They keep discovering things that re-inforce the idea that Humans are members of the primate genus!

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    If they were intellectually honest, they would honestly test the theories of evolution.

    Do the DNA research. Do the paleontological research. Etc. If you find a result that TRULY contradicts MODERN evolutionary theory (not something said by Darwin over 100 years ago) then propose an alternative.

  • I would only recreate the work of Guy Berthault and then redate key parts of the geological column and compare to pre-Uniformitarian findings, because all the early work (which confirmed the Flood) was re-calibrated after Lyell.

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    I do not need any money to research facts that prove the reality of creation by YAHUWAH or man or even animals of the different kingdoms

    there is more money spent on weapons of mass destruction the amount needed to solve the world humanitarian needs and problems despite our cultural biases

    Evolution is an ancient pagan concept (MAN MADE RELIGION)where people worship nature / creation instead of a CREATOR or they invent idols based on nature/creation

    the theory of evolution has been with us for a very, very long time. It actually comes from ancient pagan religious beliefs that continue to be reflected in many religious traditions around the globe today. It has been documented that many ancient pagan teachers and philosophers believed that the universe spontaneously evolved by itself, that the universe is millions of years old, that humans once resembled fish, and that all living things continue to evolve.

    ABIOGENESIS:nonliving origin belief

    1. (noun) abiogenesis, autogenesis, autogeny, spontaneous generation

    a hypothetical organic phenomenon by which living organisms are created from nonliving matter. Abiogenesis is the idea of life originating from non-living material (non-life). This concept has expanded a great deal as mankind’s understanding of science has grown, but all forms of abiogenesis have one thing in common: they are all scientifically unsupportable. There have been no experiments demonstrating abiogenesis in action. It has never been observed in a natural or artificial environment. Conditions believed to have existed on earth are either incapable of producing the building blocks needed, or self-contradictory. No evidence has been found suggesting where or when such life might have generated. In fact, everything we know of science today seems to indicate that abiogenesis could not have happened under any naturally possible conditions.

    terminology : in maistream media

    Cosmic, chemical, stellar and planetary, organic, macro and micro.

    Cosmic evolution involves the origin of the universe, time and matter itself. The Big Bang theory falls within this discipline of evolution.

    Chemical evolution involves the origin of complex elements. This discipline also attempts to explain the process in which those elements formed.

    Stellar and planetary evolution is the discipline used to explain the origin of the stars and planets. This is distinct from cosmic evolution, yet, at times, overlaps it.

    Organic evolution attempts to explain the origin of living matter. Those in origin of life studies most often focus on this discipline of evolution.

    The two final disciplines of evolution are also the most often confused by people. They are macro-evolution and micro-evolution. Micro-evolution states that all living organisms experience mutations and have the ability to develop genetic adaptations. The difference between this and macro-evolution is that micro-evolution only deals with mutations within a species. Macro-evolution, on the other hand, states that such adaptations and mutations allow new species to form. Also micro changes can be observed with the scientific method. while all the other terms are imaginary and preached as religious fact without question or basis in science or common sense.

    without a creator there is no creation:


    a. The act of creating.

    b. The fact or state of having been created.

    2. The act of investing with a new office or title.


    a. The world and all things in it.

    b. All creatures or a class of creatures.

    4. Creation The divine act by which, according to various religious and philosophical traditions, the world was brought into existence.

    5. An original product of human invention or artistic imagination

    proper translation from the original tablets and scriptures/scrolls


    Source(s): common sense and online support and reality
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    The God Yahweh wrote His food and hygiene laws in the book of Leviticus 3500 years ago for the human race to follow based on His working knowledge of the germ theory of disease. Yahweh's warnings for us not eating the unclean creatures listed in Leviticus chapter 11 were for disease prevention reasons in the human body. We are acquiring these unnecessary diseases from the genetic makeup of these creatures no matter how we raise them or cook them. The problem is Yahweh doesn't tell us what diseases we contract from eating these unclean creatures during our lifetime on Earth. Our scientific knowledge and microscopes have advanced to the level that we can now focus our research on exactly what it is about the genetic makeup of these creatures that are causing our unnecessary health problems. That is where I would spend the grant money for ID research.

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    nail someone to a cross and see if sun shined brighter

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