UC Davis or UC San Diego?

I have been accepted to both UC Davis biochemistry and molecular biology major and UC San Diego Biology major emphasis in Biochemistry and cell biology. I initially thought that UC san diego was about the same level as UC Davis, but I have heard from people at my school that UC San Diego is more prestigious and harder to get into, so now I am stuggling with the choice where before i thought I would pick Davis for sure. Is san diego really that hard to get into? Should i seriously consider san diego? and suggestions welcome.


by the way... i am a transfer student from a community college... if that makes a difference

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    Well, if you don't really like hot weather, then Davis is immediately out. It gets really hot there near summer time.

    You should seriously consider UCSD because their science programs are really really strong. Davis is more known for agricultural related programs. UCSD is really popular among all high school and community college students, so competition makes getting in harder.

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    Davis is boring. Go to San Diego.

    Source(s): I've been there.
  • Aimee
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    UCSD's rigor is a lot more competitive than both UCD and UCI. Of course, the cost of living is a lot higher as well, but it is the more better looking campus of the three. Especially for Natural Sciences, you'd definately want to consider UCSD as it ranks far higher than UCD and even further higher than UCI.

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