Many Jews dislike Messianic Judaism since they have traditional Jewish Services and believe in Jesus.?

How do you expect them to conduct services?

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    Jews do not profess or teach dislike for anyone because they "believe in Jesus". It is about "truth in labeling".Your question reveals misunderstanding on every level with regard to the religion of Judaim and what would constitute a traditional Jewish religioius service.

    A traditional Jewish service could NOT include any concept of praying to or through any entity other than the incorporeal, Creator who is ONE..and worship of or through a Jew could in no manner be considered a "traditional Jewish Service".

    All of Judaism contains within it the prophetic vision/belief of the Davidic messiah and messianic age when the entire world will know God and know all humans as brethren. There is no form of Judaism that is known by the name of "Messianic Judaism". There is a growing number of adherents to the NT who Hebraicise their beliefs and call it "Messianic Judaism" despite the unalterable fact that the doctrine of the NT is irrelevant to and utterly incompatible with Torah observance and Judaism as it was when it first appeared.

    The concept and job description of the term messiah in the Tanakh is simply VERY different from that of the redefined role found in the books called the NT

    ALL movements of Judaism are in complete agreement that this is an assault to Jewish identity by people who profess faith in the doctrine of the NT. Jews are not telling these people what to believe, but inform the world that these people do not represent the Jewish people in any manner and that what they teach is not Judaism.

    These groups whose statement of beliefs match those of evangelical and primarily Protestant denominations and conflict with every form of Judaism, appear offended at being called Christian. It is not up to the Jewish people to give the adherents of another religion a name, nor is it up to us to tell them how to conduct their services. They declare that we (Jews) do not have a right to name them. That's true. I have never expressed any condemnation for their right to worship whom or whatevery they wish to worship. Of course they have a right to define themselves, but they do *not* have a right to identity theft, or to redefine and negate the religion of Judaism.Torah has always obligated Jews to speak out when any attempt to impose avodah zarah into Judaism was introduced. (Read the book of Ezekiel for just one lengthy narrative on this)

    The Jewish people clearly understand that the people calling themselves "Messianic Jews" believe in the NT doctrine. That is precisely why we know they're not following any form of Judaism. The New Testament is replacement theology and no more relevant to the Jewish people than the Quran is to the Christian.

    The fact that they follow no form of Judaism is NOT OPINION but Jewish LAW of the eternal covenant. They are not of the Jewish religion so they may not speak to DEFINE Judaism.

    They are most definitely free to believe whatever they want to believe. Mazel Tov on their choice of following the New Testament doctrine if this is a path that calls to them.

    They simply will never ever be able to call it Jewish belief, or any form of Judaism or be identified with the Jewish people without Jews being forced to speak out to the obvious and declare that is not true. Jews are obligated by God's commands in the Torah to speak out if anyone calls worship of or through a human a form of Judaism.

    If a Devil worshipper were to call themselves a "completed Christian" it would be expected that Christians would not respect that. Jews do not like to see Judaism misrepresented and Jewish identity hijacked.

    A group of people comprised of less than 10% apostate Jews who do not follow any form of Judaism, but only take Hebrew language, customs and holidays and impose replacement theology into those things, does not get to redefine or hijack the identity of the Jewish people. If they do not want to call adherence to the NT Christian, that's not a Jewish concern.

    The name of JUDAISM regarding a religion cannot be honestly applied to a belief system that contradicts the core affirmation of faith and laws that determine who and what is and isn't of that covenant of faith. The NT concept of the nature, role and function of "messiah" and their messianic notions are not Judaism. I am a monotheistic Jew. There is absolutely no trinity or tripartate deity in Judaism. There is absolutely no need to designate any particular branch of Judaism as monotheistic. It is every bit as illogical and redundant to have a phrase naming a separate branch or movement of the Jewish religion as "Messianic Judaism". This isn't a schism within Judaism but an attempt to negate Judaism, as evidenced by the invention of an utterly nonsensical term some of their adherents have used to insult Judaism by calling IT.."non-messianic"! That is a clear and obvious attempt to negate the prophetic vision of the Davidic messiah that remains in Judaism!

    Rather than address what believing Jews declare, there continue to appear false accusations of hatred and persecution for their BELIEFS, no matter how many times believing Jews tell them quite honestly that it is not over their choice of what to believe but over their choice to *misrepresent Judaism* that is the problem. If you believe in the commandment of You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, your conscience will guide you to stop the misrepresentation of Jews and the accusations toward Jews who refuse to be silent witness to distortion of Judaism. Until they come up with a name that does not misrepresent the religion of Judaism, we simply have no other name to call them than what they were FORMERLY known as, Hebrew Christians. The Messianic Jewish Alliance of America was known by that name from it's beginning in 1915 until 1975. The term "Messianic Judaism" began around 1967 according to "Christianity Today" magazine in a 1998 cover story. Their statements of faith are in contradiction to the statements of belief of every form of Judaism on planet earth. Every Chief Rabbi and Jewish organization of every movement on every continent, every Jewish community and every Jewish user from five continents here in Yahoo that I've seen posting on this issue are in full agreement. . The assault to the rights of Jewish people to maintain Jewish identity through Jewish law is hostile to Jews and is escalating antisemitism by teaching in falsehood that Jews hate them because they believe in Jesus! That essentially says Jews hate Christians for their beliefs and that is a lie that has been the direct cause of the deaths and persecutions of millions of Jews over the centuries.

    There are several groups/cults of Christians that attempt to replace and eliminate the world's Jewish people and the religion of Judaism by claiming that *they* are the "real" Israel or "real" covenant people by hijacking identity such as the Black Hebrew Israelites, the British Israelites and the White Supremacist Christian Identity, but strangely, the "Messianic" evangelicals who insist they are Jews (despite violating the most core key tenets of the affirmation of faith in Judaism and Torah) appear to be more socially acceptable by many in their attempts to demonize Jews who declare to he world in all honesty that Christianity .,.the doctrine of the NT isn't Judaism.

    Jews here in YA have even been told by vocal "Messianics" that Jews who "rejected" Jesus deserved the Holocaust. Thankfully, there were also righteous Christians who joined Jews in condemning the following notorious post:

    "Since unbelieving Jews have refused to accept the New Covenant (Jer. 31:31-36) brought by Jesus (Matt. 26:26-28), they are condemned by God (Deut. 28) and are no longer considered "chosen." (In fact, Deut. 28:62-63 explains why God permitted the Holocaust: because the Jewish people have disobeyed Him by refusing their Messiah.) "

    Daily Jews are personally insulted and called names outright when we state Jewish law and explain Judaism by people CLAIMING to be Jews..and these names are almost invariably attached to claims that it is Jews who are attacking them for their belief in Jesus! A Jewish Herald-Voice I received in the mail had a headline article about how “Messianics pervert Passover at some Houston-area churches” with a subtitle, “Deceptive tactics harm healthy Jewish-Christian relations, experts say.” I have personally been involved in interfaith groups and dialog for 30 years and it is my strong belief based on the words and behaviors I've witnessed escalate, that these groups have done as much to increase antisemitism as the propaganda of the Middle East. Daily insults and false accusations of bigotry to *them* and false accusation that Jews are persecuting them because they believe in Jesus displayed to Jews in Y/A is also evidence of this.

    Look at any question on this issue and what is it that all the Jews address, in every Rabbinic platform statement on this issue from every movement.. It is about Jewish law being utterly ignored and disrespected. Every single movement of Judaism, on every continent, both Chief Rabbi's of Israel, and every Jewish group in every town where there is a large enough population of Jews to have a congregation agree that this is an assault to the very right of the Jewish people's self-identity according to the eternal covenant of God.

    NOT ONE OF the hundreds of position statements out there from all the world’s Jewish people attacks them for believing in Jesus/Yeshua/Yahoshua or however they want to Hebraicise his name. (I recognize different groups insist it is spelled differently so I am not trying to disrespect their right to identify their savior as they choose either so do not go there)

    Source(s): Christians should be EQUALLY outraged that these people are behaving in a manner that presents NT adherents in a very bad light, rather than look to Jews to be "tolerant" of having our religious identity hijacked. < learn from a scriptural perspective doctrine found in all Judaism and the difference between it and the replacement theology found in the NT. < from 1915 until 1975 this group, the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America was named the Hebrew Christian Alliance now COMPARE those to Statements of faith of the Southern Baptists < beliefs of Baptists then to < beliefs of Judaism
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    No. They dislike them because they call themselves Jews when, in fact, they are not Jews; they are "Christians."

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    Many Jews who have found that Y'shua is their Messiah carry on with they were taught in Judaism because that is what they know & Y'shua was & is a Jew.

    This is far better than Jews going over to J4J & taking on christian ways, throwing off the Feasts & festivals & the Sabbath & losing their Jewish identity.

    What should be happening is that Jews who find that Y'shua is the Messiah should dispense with all Judaism & christianity to follow YHVH ELOAH & His TORAH only.

    Maybe there should be something like a "Messianic Karaite" movement for want of a better phrase or explanation.

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    Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark. I expect them to conduct services as they always do. With respect and reverence for God and Jesus. Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark.

    Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark. "Many Jews dislike Messianic Judaism". Well I'm glad I am not the only one who noticed that. Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark.

    Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark. That's OK because although I can not speak for God, I'll bet He noticed as well. Ark, ark, ark, ark, ark.

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  • They can do whatever they want. But words have meanings and what they do violates the heart of Judaism.

    I dislike them when they play deceitful, manipulative mind games and pretend that I'm trying to take away their 'heritage'. If they were ever Jewish to begin with, they themselves have given up all claims to it through their beliefs.

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    They have traditional Christian services with Christian theology. They call it Judaism to harrass Jews.

    Literally the movement was called Hebrew Christians. Then in a couple conferences in 1960-70s, they thought about why they weren't able to convert Jews. Then decided to call themselves Messanic "Judaism" to more easily trick Jews into converting.

    THAT is what Jews have a problem with. We don't give a hoot how they do their services. They can't call their Christianity "Judaism." For 2000 years Jews have been saying no to Christainity & it's been trying to invade Judaism. This is just one more version of that persecution.



    There was concern in the Jewish community about those moving toward Buddhism. However, much of it was exploration of philosophy that is found in Judaism too & wasn't objected until they worship other Gods. There's the key.


    You are reciting the self-justification used during those conferences when they decided (their own words) tricking Jews was the way to go. Jesus is a foreign construct to Judaism & it's rejected, not because of Christians, but because it's got pagan roots the violate the core of Judaism. Honoring a human or human-god as special is against Judaism. Hard to swallow - but here's a link:

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    False premise. We have never had issues with other movements by Christians to Judaize their religion. They can worship their god however they see fit, for all I care.

    But they should be honest. You worship Jesus, and you are a Christian. Just like, if you worship Shiva, you are a Hindu, or if you believe in the teachings of Buddha, you are a Buddhist. So, as far as ethics and honesty are concerned--they should call themselves Christians. But they do not---they label their religion 'Judaism' and they target us in billion dollar campaigns to spread their lies about how you can 'be a Jew and still believe in Jesus.' As if this is not insulting enough--they resort to ancient bigotries to justify their assault on Judaism---the Jew as a race theory that has been debunked, or Replacement Theology that most mainstream Christian movements condemn.

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    edit: why an assumption that the Messianics--who are relatively few in number--have especial abilities to "trick" people away from their culture, and that the people are too dumb to know what they are doing, when there are other denominations / religions / cults / movements / whatever that recruit also with success.

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    If Jesus is in the service, then it is not traditional, it is a christian service. It is not is the sin they commit. We dislike the sin. It is the violation of the First Commandment.

    Source(s): s
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    * like the Xtians they are.

    Jews dislike 'messianic' CHRISTIANS twisting traditional Jewish services and inserting Jesus where he doesn't belong.

    Very few 'messianics' were EVER Jewish. The ones that convert to Christian beliefs are now apostates, unworthy of Judaism

    Worship of Jesus is blasphemous for Jews - they aren't Jews, they're Xtians

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    I don't care how they have their services. I dislike "Messianic Jews" because they have the gall to call themselves Jews when they are anything BUT Jews.

    EDIT: Jews for Judaism is NOT the same thing as "Jews for Jesus." "Jews for Jesus" is the missionary organization designed to convert Jews by making them think they are "completed Jews." Jews for Judaism is a Jewish effort to STOP missionary efforts like those of "Jews for Jesus."

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