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loss of no claims bonus (uk)?

Can this happen or am I being lied to?

I had 4 years no claims and now because I haven't had my ''own'' policy for 4 years (just as a named driver, still without making a claim since) they have said I now have NO NO CLAIMS!

Am I being tricked or this this a law or just a guideline?

Thanks in advance

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    Some insurance companies will allow you to retain your no-claims bonus for up to 2 years, if you don't have insurance in your own name. A few will allow you 3 years. None will allow you any more than that.

    It has nothing to do with the law. They are the regulations, as set out by the Insurance Ombudsman.

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    You are not being tricked.

    Some companies do a no claims for named drivers as long as you insure with them - they do not do one that can be moved to a new insurer.

    You do need to have your own policy to build up a no claims bonus.

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    That is correct. They become void if not used for up to 2 years. You need to find an insurance company who is willing to give you a discount for being an accident free, named driver.

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    Very common. You had no "no claims" of your own, you were riding on another persons policy. They would have lost their no claims if you had caused a claim, but their status of no claim doesn't forward to you when you move to your own policy. You start over.

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    No that's pretty standard for all car insurance companies, same problem for people with business-owned cars too. Basically, a lapse of just one year will normally wipe out your no claims history. You will now be starting again, sorry.

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    Yes I agree with Cuddles,any lapse in policy will wipe out your no claims.

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    Its over 2 years lapse and you will lose your no claims.

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    I think you will find this correct as you were not the one the policy was issued to,you haven't paid out so as they nothing in this life is free.

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