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How do I make my natural hair look good?

I have afro caribbean hair. I used to relax/texturise and straighten it. I recently decided to go natural because it wouldn't grow and you could literall see split ends all over my hair.

So I've kept my hair natural for about 5months now and it looks thicker and isn't falling out much. BUT it's so hard to manage and it soaks up anything I put in it like a sponge so it's dry and I'm getting quite fed up of my nasty roots. I might texturise it again but I don't know because I want it to grow. Any advice or tips?

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    You just need to learn how to take care of it. I am also natural and am still learning about my hair. No matter what anyone tells you, natural hair can be a handful if you don't know how to look after it. Check out for tips and google natural hair care blogs for inspiration.

    As for your hair absorbing like a's what our hair does best lol! Try spraying with a water olive oil mixture to moisterize fro's and wash hair once a week and deep condition. A daily moisterizer which I discoverd recently is wave nouveau daily humectant, my hair actually feels moisterized, there's no greasy build AND it defines my curls. Works well with a wash n go and doesnt way hair down.

    Just remember to keep it moisterized and conditioned. Try simple styles like braid outs, twist outs and bantu knot outs. You can also just 'wash n go' and tie a scarf around the front which always looks cute. Try braids,fro's, twist and experiment with products until you find what suits you!

    Anyway, check out those sites, you'll learn much more about hair care. Good luck!

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    Brush your hair before you go to wash your hair brush it until it has no knots at all in it.

    When you wet your hair brush it when it is wet with a wide toothed comb then massage the shampoo into your hair and brush it in then wash it out and brush it out. The repeat this except with conditioner. When you have finished tie your hair up gently with a scrunchy like a soft hair bobble when you hair is dry brush it.

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    morrocan oil is really nice

    it will soothe your hair and tame it

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    coconut gel...its the best.

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