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How has YOUR breed changed over time?

With regards to the question asked my Rogue, how has your breed changed since their original self?

As well as appearance, has your breeds character changed too?

Has your breeds character changed due to bad breeding?

My breed was not named until the early 1900's after being split from the Cocker, as the two breeds were originally the Norfolk Spaniel.


Not much change!

The breed has been badly bred now, that some are unable to carry ut the job required, some can get snappy and others well, where do you think the term 'Springers are mad' came from?

What about your breed?

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  • Anna
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    My breed has changed over time. They were once successful ratters. I wouldn't say that the instinct has completely been weeded out, though, because my dog, given the chance, will run into the yard and dig up the chipmunk holes.

    Image wise, though, they have changed.

    Older Style Sealyham:

    Modern Sealyham:

    They aren't used for ratting much anymore and are more companions and show dogs, so appearances have changed.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Great question! I think it's sort of splitting hairs. If you look at a litter of puppies, the chances of the entire litter coming close to meeting the breed standard in EVERY WAY (including the work ethic) is slim to none. So, you may have a litter of 8 puppies, but only 1 is truly a great representative of the breed. The other 7 ARE those companion dogs of which you speak. A poodle with no retrieving instinct, the beagle without a nose, the BC with no desire to herd. To breed away from what the breeds were bred to do, in my opinion, waters down the breed. When past humans bred for something specific that didn't exist, it wasn't to replace an existing breed- but to co-exist in the dog world. (Hence the reason we have so many breeds today) While I may not actually hunt with my duck dogs, I like the drive and temperament associated with the breed- to breed away from it is, in my opinion, diluting the breed- and changing it. Not ALL change is good! Some people are already trying to mix breeds for agility- border collies/jack russells- to get a smaller dog. I've met some of these dogs. The are WAY over the top! The mix is not a good one! 90% of the ones I've met are aggressive as well. Not to mention, there is a segment of the population breeding extremely high strung BC's- A vet friend of mine says he's seeing more and more behavioral issues with these dogs- and many are having to be euthanized because of it. So, I guess after all of that ranting up there- I'm gonna say no. Leave the breeds alone. If you want a standard poodle, but don't want a working dog- find a reputable breeder- chances are, they'll have a pup in the litter with less drive! Working with the right breeder- you can find the dog you want/need without sacrificing the special traits that make these dogs the dogs we love!

  • 1 decade ago

    Many show labs do not look like they can work, but I don't know first hand. I know first hand that someone bought a show Siberian from a kennel that had a few champions at westminster, and the dog had *zero* drive.

    I'll get pics.

    These dogs are FAT!

    Sure Labradors need to be bit meaty for the frigid Newfoundland waters, but that dog over does it. All the working/show labs are leaner than that. That dog cannot work as effectivly as a lab that wasn't so fat could. Their legs are also a bit short, they have to run and swim to retreive. Of course, im not saying all Labs should look like the "american labs" who lack any stockiness, and otter tails, and are too long in leg.

    Greenland Inuit dogs are basically the same in North America, however, many are bred in Norway, and I know they look a bit different, and have had strange things happen in the breed (Such as one with "blue eyes") but there is no information on the breed out, and I've talked to no one yet.

    I'm not getting started on Sibes.. ;)

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    We owned a springer as family first pet. Got him from back yard breeder. He was a total handfull all his crazy life. Never a dull day with that darn dog.

    Then we adopted pound puppy Collie Mix we thought. He was almost one at the pound when we get him home he gets use to us and starts running the house. Upstairs and down. Outside he would run and bounce like on a pogo stick when we played with him or got him excited. Thought we had another nut dog. Turned out to be a full Bearded Collie rare for Texas 20 years ago. We have seen that breed go from large collies with great markings and beautiful long grey/black or tan hair to become smaller prissy dogs. The breed is perfect at it's smallest. So when we had chance to buy one that was a mutant as big as he is we jumped at it.

    Making this breed smaller showy dogs is a big mistake. They were bred to herd sheep and bully those if needed. Now a full sized sheep can step on one. And at a cost of 800-1600 per pup too expensive to use as work dogs ever again

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  • 1 decade ago

    I shall adopt the Samoyed as "my breed", even though I don't have one... yet.

    The Samoyed is really quite "untouched" as far as changes from the foundation dogs to the dogs today. However, the foundation dogs of the breed were really only a selection of what it appears actually existed as far as original breed variety is concerned. I have read that there were dogs owned by the Samoyede people (Russia) in other regions that had more dark coloration. The dogs taken as foundation dogs for the breed were white and biscuit - those are the dogs the breed is represented by today and they look a whole heck of a lot like they did when they arrived.

    Are some lines looking more show-y and less work-y. Sure. There's always going to be poor breeders of any breed. But there are many, many good breeders with Champions who's dogs can pull a sled like nobody's business.

    Add: My Aunt and I went to an agility trial yesterday. My Aunt loves dogs, but she's not really up on any dog sport or anything like that. There was an American show line GSD "running" the course. (I recognized the handler and know she shows some, but I didn't know the dog) My Aunt turned to me and whispered "Why is that dog walking like that? Is there something wrong with him?"

    I explained.

    Her response: "Why would they do that? He looks like he's going to hurt himself."

    Thought the GSD people might like that one.

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    LOL well as for bull terriers you already know from my Q!

    Show type.This dog seriously looks so over weight! And I thought my bully was chubby!

    Old style. I wish they still looked somewhat Like this.

    This would be my personal preference of the breed and how I would want mine to look.

    True APBTs have changed little.

    Show APBT/Amstaff look:

    Old school type which to me is still a true APBT. Same standard and it hasn't changed much.

    and lets not forget the american bully that people try to pass off as an APBT!

    Puke! That dog is badly bred looks at that head and those joints! This is what is happening to the APBT and its being bred that way, but its still out of standard. Breed standard hasn't changed thank goodness!

    Love this pic! What bull terriers and bulldogs use to be!

    Source(s): Owner of bully breeds
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Here is a drawing of a very old Chinese Crested (before there were cameras!)

    And here is what they look like today

    Conformation hasn't changed a great deal, there have always been 2 types, Cobb and Deer (one being finer boned than the other)

    The only really noticeable difference is that these days they have a lot more hair on their heads, feet and tail than they used to.

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