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How did the nazis depict Jewish people in a negative light?

Look at this source

I need a detailed review of the picture on how it makes jews look bad. Please look at all the detail within th picture..

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    First, there is an ugly looking person, Jews were often stereotyped as 'ugly' , there is what might be gold or money in his hand, playing on the stereotype that Jews were rich or had a lot of gold. The Hammer and sickle of Communism or the Soviet Union, ironically debunks the 'rich' theory since Communists believe there should be no rich or poor.

    The stereotype of the rich Jew, money lender, 'loan shark' in today's thinking had been shown in Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice" character, Shylock.The Nazis used this idea to explain the fact German banks failed and the economy was in ruins, by blaming Jewish bankers for Germany's problems in the 1920's.

    As for the Communist idea, while there were many Jews who fought against the Czar in Russia, as soon as Stalin took over in the early 20's, the Jewish population of the Soviet Union was not much better off than in Germany in the 1930's and 40's.

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    First of all the title of this picture is "Der ewige Jude" -> "The Eternal Jew".

    I will skip the facts Rubym gave you...

    And of course, the nazis tried to connect the "bad" jew with the "bad" Bolshevik,

    Because Hitler said in "Mein Kampf":

    „der Aufstand der jüdischen und der mongolischen Rasse gegen das deutsche (arische) Element in Russland; er ist die Erhebung der Steppe, der Hass der Nomaden gegen alles, was groß, heroisch, rassisch gesund ist; alle großen Dinge in der russischen Geschichte sind von Deutschen oder Menschen deutschen Blutes vollbracht worden, aber die Revolution von 1917 hatte das arische Element ausgerottet“

    "The revolt of the Jewish and the Mongolian race against the German (Aryan) element in Russia, is the revolt of the the steppe, the hate of the nomadsagainst everything that is great, heroic, racially healthy, all great things in Russian history are done by Germans or people of German blood , but the revolution of 1917 had wiped out the Aryan element " (my bad translation^^)

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    In order for you to truly understand how the Nazis despised the Jewish people, you would need to look into the mind of the culprit. Of course I am talking about the seductive, Austrian: Adolf Hitler. My suggestion would be to actually read the book he wrote called, Mein Kampf.

    The book was originally entitled Four Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, and Cowardice. Hitler's publisher reduced it to My Struggle (Mein Kampf). The book is a mixture of autobiography, political ideas and an explanation of the techniques of propaganda. The autobiographical details in Mein Kampf are often inaccurate, and the main purpose of this part of the book appears to be to provide a positive image of Hitler. For example, when Hitler was living a life of leisure in Vienna he claims he was working hard as a labourer. In Mein Kampf Hitler outlined his political philosophy. He argued that the German (he wrongly described them as the Aryan race) was superior to all others. "Every manifestation of human culture, every product of art, science and technical skill, which we see before our eyes today, is almost exclusively the product of Aryan creative power."

    Adolf Hitler warned that the Aryan's superiority was being threatened by intermarriage. If this happened world civilization would decline: "On this planet of ours human culture and civilization are indissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan. If he should be exterminated or subjugated, then the dark shroud of a new barbarian era would enfold the earth."

    Although other races would resist this process, the Aryan race had a duty to control the world. This would be difficult and force would have to be used, but it could be done. To support this view he gave the example of how the British Empire had controlled a quarter of the world by being well-organised and having well-timed soldiers and sailors.

    Hitler believed that Aryan superiority was being threatened particularly by the Jewish race who, he argued, were lazy and had contributed little to world civilization. (Hitler ignored the fact that some of his favourite composers and musicians were Jewish). He claimed that the "Jewish youth lies in wait for hours on end satanically glaring at and spying on the unconscious girl whom he plans to seduce, adulterating her blood with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate."

    According to Hitler, Jews were responsible for everything he did not like, including modern art, pornography and prostitution. Hitler also alleged that the Jews had been responsible for losing the First World War. Hitler also claimed that Jews, who were only about 1% of the population, were slowly taking over the country. They were doing this by controlling the largest political party in Germany, the German Social Democrat Party, many of the leading companies and several of the country's newspapers. The fact that Jews had achieved prominent positions in a democratic society was, according to Hitler, an argument against democracy: "a hundred blockheads do not equal one man in wisdom."

    Hitler believed that the Jews were involved with Communists in a joint conspiracy to take over the world. Like Henry Ford, Hitler claimed that 75% of all Communists were Jews. Hitler argued that the combination of Jews and Marxists had already been successful in Russia and now threatened the rest of Europe. He argued that the communist revolution was an act of revenge that attempted to disguise the inferiority of the Jews.

    In Mein Kampf Hitler declared that: "The external security of a people in largely determined by the size of its territory." If he won power Hitler promised to occupy Russian land that would provide protection and lebensraum (living space) for the German people. This action would help to destroy the Jewish/Marxist attempt to control the world: "The Russian Empire in the East is ripe for collapse; and the end of the Jewish domination of Russia will also be the end of Russia as a state."

    To achieve this expansion in the East and to win back land lost during the First World War, Hitler claimed that it might be necessary to form an alliance with Britain and Italy. An alliance with Britain was vitally important because it would prevent Germany fighting a war in the East and West at the same time.

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