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WS Mini Poll: Which brother's the better wrestler?

WS Mini Poll: Which brother's the better wrestler?

In character, not real life as I know some aren't real life brother's.

1. Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy

2. Primo or Carlito

3. Edge or Christian

4. Kane or Undertaker

BQ: Favourite match of the year (2010) so far?

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    1. Matt Hardy-I think he has more skills in the ring and doesn't just flip around the ring like his brother, Jeff.

    2. Carlito-This is biased because Primo to me, just seems bland in the ring. Carlito can do high-flying, technical, and submission wrestling, which I love.

    3. Christian-First of all, they are not real brothers. But anyway, Christian is better in the ring and seems to never botch moves. His finisher is GOLD and he can do great high-flying maneuvers.

    4. Undertaker-He can do it all. He is in the top 3 WWE wrestlers ever. This man has been trained in Mixed Martial Arts and is a great brawler. Not to mention, he can take a risk here and there.

    BQ: The Royal Rumble Match is always my favorite match each and every year because I just love the concept of it and it is very exciting and exhilarating.

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    1. Matt Hardy. He's a solid technical wrestler whereas Jeff just flies around the ring botching basic wrestling moves.

    2. Carlito. Primo's a decent wrestler too, but I think Carlito's a little better.

    3. Christian. Edge is a good wrestler, but Christian has a wider variety of moves and executes them all really well.

    4. Undertaker. Again, Kane is a really good wrestler, but Undertaker's wrestling just stands out a lot more.

    BQ: Smackdown Elimination Chamber.

  • 1. Matt Hardy

    2. Carlito

    3. Edge

    4. Kane

    BQ: The Royal Rumble match

    Source(s): Do you understand, what It is I am saying to you right now?
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    1. Jeff Hardy

    2. Carlito

    3. Both


    BQ: Royal Rumble Match, cuz the Rated-R Superstar is back

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    1. Jeff Hardy

    2. Carlito

    3. Edge

    4. Undertaker

  • Matt Hardy




    BQ: Royal Rumble

    Source(s): Love to Break Harts!<3
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    a million) Jim Ross 2) Matt Striker 3) Todd Grisham (greater Experiance In Wrestling) 4) Taz BQ: a million) supply Me A 12 365 days settlement 2) enable Me Be in the Intercontential Championship Hunt 3) Make WWE television - 14

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    1. Both suck big time.

    2. Carlito.

    3. Edge.

    4. Undertaker.

    BQ: Elimination Chamber of Smackdown.

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    1.Matt Hardy

    2. Carlito

    3. Edge

    4. Undertaker

  • 1. Jeff Hardy

    2. Primo

    3. Christian

    4. Kane

    BQ: CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio a few weeks ago on SmackDown it lasted like 15 minutes or so.

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