Help With Handling My AP Classes?

I will be taking 4 APs next year: AP BC Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Language & Composition, and AP US History. My other core classes include Physics and American Literature. I realize that 4 APs seems like a ton, but I really want to challenge myself and take them... so don't respond by saying "drop one of your APs". I am not doubting that it will be a ridiculously hard year, but it is definitely possible. I need tips and strategies to handle these classes well and get A's in all of them. Please help.

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    Schedule your time and keep track of it. Try to stay a bit ahead, read ahead in the books when you have a chance, stay on top of homework. Go in before and after school to get help from teachers (this really helps) and do this consistently. STAY ORGANIZED! Have some sort of system. A mess can screw you over.

    Get the Princeton review or some other ap guide for your classes (or at least ones you feel intense pressure on, like ap chem and ap us).

    Take notes in class about what the teacher says. Even if they say they'll put it online, writing it down will help you memorize.

    Get used to feeling like some of your teachers don't care or aren't helping or that they're too hard. Its ap, and most expect you to work hard. They won't accept excuses (at least most of mine don't....especially science classes).

    Be nice to the teachers. I'm not saying to suck up to them, but badmouthing them off all over the school in other classes won't help. Especially since teachers are friends (some of them) and they might hear what you said and might not be too sympathetic when your printer breaks down and you don't have an essay.

    Stay on top of things. Its so easy to be all "oh i can just get one bad grade, its okay". You never know when you can start doing bad.

    OH! The library! Go to your library (school or public) and check out books and resources to help you out. Especially if its expensive to buy 4 ap guides. The library has slowly become a great friend.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help from your teachers. Even the most vicious ones. Sure you can ask another student but they might be wrong, and who knows your teacher might reveal something that'll be on your test.

    Don't expect things that are in the book or what you usually practice to be on the tests. Like for ap chem we would handle problems using a certain metric unit, then the test will be a completely different type of word problem with different units. Its frustrating. Analyze your history book and get the main concepts.

    Good luck. It'll be hard and but in june when you find out you got all that college'll be worth it.

    Oh and if you slack of all year...don't expect a 4. It may seem far away, the ap test, but if you work hard all year you'll definately get a good score. Slack off...and well your score might reflect that.

    Source(s): Taking ap us history, taken ap chem already, and taken other ap classes.
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