Have the media gone too far and should they (Jack Neo & his wife) be left alone now?

Jack Neo and his wife broke down in full view of a media conference today. They have pleaded with the media to give them time and space to deal with their issues. Have the media gone too far and should they be left alone now? Or does the public have a right to know the full details of what happened? What are your views?

Stay tune for the press conference video.


Updated: The press conference video.


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  • Tan D
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    1 decade ago
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    This is the different between the normal people and the celebrities. When this thing happened to a normal person, the public will not be interested to know, but not a well known local producer.

    Of course, Jack Neo can chose to ignore the media, but he don't have the choice, as this is the mininal he can do now to save his career.

    In stead of saying the media had gone too far, actually they are trying to help him save his career.

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  • 10 years ago

    If not for the fact that Jack Neo is a well known personality, news of his infidelity would have gone unreported. However, since he is a known figure, he has to face the spotlight. The media did what they had to do. As for his wife, if she had confronted Jack Neo when she found out about the relationship, the whole episode may not have been discovered. Instead, she not only forgave him but stupidly condone his infidelity. The end result became a national talking point. Jack Neo will probably be the most talked about person in Singapore for a long time to come - albeit for the wrong reasons.

    And to make matters worse, Jack was not seen as being sincere in his apology. He made no serious attempt to apologise during the press conference. This can be ascertain by the video of the press conference. He later posted an apology on his blog. But I believe that was only after his sincerity was questioned. Now, he is claiming that the girls who bad-mouthed him are doing it for fame or some other reasons. Would anyone in their right mind do that? He is living in denial and obviously unrepentant of his behaviour. If anything, his own actions caused all this media attention.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes. They should be left alone. What Jack Neo did was wrong but this should not implicate his family as they are victims too. I feel that the media has blown the whole issue too big and has caused great distress to his family. Shame and Disgrace Jack Neo for all they can, but leave his wife and children alone. They should not be punished for what Jack has done. I know many people are concerned and some fans are indignant over the affair but they should target their focus on Jack and not mention his family or drag them into the picture.

    Leave them alone. Get whatever answers you need from Jack. Do and say whatever you want to him. I think after a while, we and the media should give the matter a rest. Media has the every right to report and they should but I hope they do not get too carried away to titilate and spice up the whole event to the extent it is hurtful to the victims. This affair has been made known, Jack Neo was shamed, his wife anguish and the whole of Singapore is talking about it----that is enough already and we should all move on. Focus on our own affairs, reflect upon our faults and not commit the same mistakes that Jack has made.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In the first place, Jack Neo should not have brought his wife to the press conference - what was he trying to achieve - he was the scumbag that was exposed, so stand up, be a man and face the consequences alone, or has the gism been taken out of his balls by overindulgence?

    Why call Brigadier George Yeo - knowing George on a professional basis does not make him a personal friend to call in such a situation - why mention to the press that he had done so and get George Yeo involved, quoting that George Yeo supported him - I am sure he has many friends of the same similar lowbrow 'beng' type as himself.

    To divorce his first wife when she was hospitalised for cancer - claims he could not take the pressure - how callous and totally hypocritical he is!! Through his films, he always sought to promote family unity and good moral values. He does not deserve sympathy.

    Too bad he did not succeed bedding the 16 year old girl, otherwise he could add paedophile to his curriculum vitae, and also spend some time in Changi prison!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think Jack Neo and his wife should really be left alone now, especially his wife.

    Having seen over the news the press conference video, I thought the way the media flashed their cameras at the couple an inhumane action. It was like every movement and action made by Jack and his wife were captured on at least one of their cameras. Isn't this an embarrassing moment for the family? If we were to put ourselves into their shoes for a moment, I'm sure we would not like to be flashed at like that. It is never easy to be a celebrity. We should be more understanding. What the media is doing is similar to making a person feel even worse while they are at their weakest. Jack's wife wanted support, but I don't think what the media is doing is considered supporting; it's making things worse, putting their weakness out for the world to see. It is no surprise to see Jack's wife collapse as this whole thing is a blow to her and yet the media has got to make it a hit for everyone.

    I don't think we have a right to know the full details of what happened. Everyone needs his own privacy. Before we ask for our own, why don't we start giving people theirs? It is no mistake that what Jack did was wrong, but we still have to respect their family. We cannot condemn the family when one faults.

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  • 4 years ago

    Movies have nothing to so with the producer private life. I will still watch movies produced by him. What Jack did was wrong but can any men resist having an affair if there's an opportunity? So many husbands are having affairs with another woman behind their wife's back. But if husband still loves their wife and also their affairs did not cross the border, I guess this kind of happenings cannot be avoided. It takes 2 hands to clap. I admire Mrs. Neo for having such an understanding character and very firm in saying "I chose to close my eyes about it." She did not create any unpleasant scenes when speaking to the mistress. She is strong and able to face the affair so calmly. How many wife can gracefully accept such behaviour of their husbands? I think Jack Neo is very lucky to have such a life companion beside him going through thick and thin. Thumb's up to Mrs. Neo. Mistress should know what's the man's status from day 1 they started the relationship. Why until now than she decides to blow this matter up? If you can accept yourself as a mistress, than mistress should be able to understand that you will not be the only one. Jack is wrong to keep a mistress but than I gather the mistress he kept was just too young to know what is takes to be a mistress... I would say this is not a mistress affair but a fling or swing. Anyway, whether is affair or swing, I think there's no right or wrong answer to this. It's a willing seller and willing buyer agreement. It's hurting to he's family when this is being exposed to the public and apologizes for a rush decision cannot turn back anything now.

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  • 10 years ago

    The media has gone a bit, (Note the word , a bit, not A LOT) too far.

    Recently if you guys had read the news, Jack Neo's scandal is plastered on the cover of every newspaper article. Yes, yes, we already know the scandal. So what about it? Jack Neo seemed to have learnt his lesson, and since his wife was okay about it, why must we, the outsiders care so much about it? This is the route that they chose. They chose to stay strong and be together. They chose to keep the family together.

    So why not give them the time? Even if their marriage broke up, how would it be good for them? Remember about the four children? How can they live in such an environment of a broken family?

    Irene, Jack Neo's wife, pleaded for our blessings. Why not give them the chance? It's their family anyway. Don't you think it's a bit ridiculous that the media had to stick to them like superglue just to dig about something that is none of their business? So what if we knew about it? We can't go to Jack Neo's house and punch him in the face!

    And one more very important factor. Most of us are angered because he is someone famous. What if he was just a normal citizen? Would you have cared? You would have treated like, "Aiyah, it's something casual."

    And although I ABSOLUTELY AGREE that Jack Neo deserves a good HARD SCRUB in his head for "flirting" with the girls - and a bit more (uh hmm) explicit than that, I think that we should give them a chance. We should wait for further addresses, I think that Jack Neo wouldn't dare to do it again. He'll be shooting himself in his foot with the media cameras and mikes.

    (P.S I'm a female here, so don't say I'm being biased. I was pretty upset like you guys when I first saw the article until I thought more about it.)

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  • 10 years ago

    Whatever happened is private business. It takes 2 hands to clap and both are willing parties, for whatever reason behind.

    What right does the public have to want to know the full details of what happened. Have Jack Neo wrongly uses public money for this incidence? If Jack Neo is dead broke tomorrow, will the public reach into their pocket and support him. The aggressive coverage by media to fill front page news is not helping Jack and family to resolve the problem. I am sure that there are bigger and more serious world news that the media can focus on. Rightly, only the party who suffers under this ordeal can have the right to comment, otherwise the situation should be left there for jack, his wife and whoever was his willing partner to sort it out.. Let's leave them alone and move forward to do more productive thing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm getting less and less interested in Jack Neo's saga though its has been on the news this week, headlines and all, covering at least 3 full pages every day on each chinese newspaper..

    The reason?

    1. The women in the affairs - Can the women who openly reveal the affair details to the media said to be the only victims? What are they hoping for? In midst of telling everyone how they have 'suffered', how they were pestered by Jack, are they also hoping to get more public attention on themselves, bearing in mind these women are not very well-known in the industry (as yet)? While some declares that they just hope other female artistes can be careful of Jack, have they thought about how Jack's wife and children will feel reading about this? 1 exposed affair is enough to break down a marriage, devastate a wife and makes the public wonder/question about Jack's integrity & family values; there is no need for more and more women coming up to volunteer news. Do I need to mention that those woman(en) who engaged in affairs with Jack is/are also grown ups? Takes two to clap.

    2. Jack's affairs is his own family's business. I do not understand why the public becomes so immersely interested in his family's affairs when there are so many other pressing world issues that still happening around the world. Noted he is a public figure and may be a role model for many, but when his marital affairs lays out in the open, will his fans blindly follow his ways just because he is a role model? No way! So what is it about being a public figure and a role model that makes the public & media poking into this matter this much? Its not about this - but that local people are just plain interested in juicy news, a chance to criticize, a chance to give their opinions. What other time can Singaporeans give their views publicly without being put down? (No offence). And because people are dying for this bit of news, the media covers it. And ruthlessly covers it in such a way so that people can engage in more debates. Comes the question of whether the public has the right to know full details of what happened - One has the right to know if this affects him/her. Are you really affected? Will what really happen tears you down and affect how you live?

    3. The press conference is a public gesture from Jack to admit that he's in the wrong. His wife is also present in the conference. The debate about whether he is sincere or mere acting with his wife in the press conference is redundant. No one except Jack and his wife knows the answer.

    I'm no fan nor family of Jack, but no matter what really happens, I believe it is his own family affair, not anyone else's. And as a woman, I feel for his wife bearing this extreme humiliation in public, both from media, her own straying husband and concerned family, so wherever possible, media should leave them alone for now till they are ready. They now need to savage their relationship and family, not to quest your thirst for juicy gossips.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Seriously, why can't we leave people to their own private business? If say an Average Joe has an affair, nobody other than his wife or immediate family members would know. But when a celebrity has an affair, it is widely publicised and sometimes, he might even be forced to apologised live, to everybody who he doesn't even know! If every single person's affair was blown out f proportion, I'd say that the media had not gone too far. But this time, they are just practically shoving cameras everywhere.

    What is privacy to the world now? Why must everybody know what goes on in the bedroom. It's HIS bedroom, his OWN, PRIVATE bedroom. Why must the public get the full details? Why must they have a right to know. They are not affected by it. Sure, they may feel disgusted or curious, but is it a RIGHT to know? So, for example, if the President lost 20 bucks of his own money, must he apologise to the nation for losing it? I think it is time that people stop seeing such trivial stuff and get back to reality, to their jobs and everything. After all, everybody is human. If we can give convicts second chances(sometimes without the general public knowing who they are), we can afford to give Jack Neo and his wife privacy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Actually this is a question that answered by itself. Reason being that it was not the media that uncovered this matter. Rather it was one of the affected women who exposed the affair to the press.

    If I did not recall wrongly, it was Jack who initiated the press conference to clarify, not the media.

    As such, how can the media go too far?

    I am in favour of leaving Jake Neo and his family alone. His family members are innocent parties. As for the women, not sure how many were due to fame or his sweet talking if any.

    There are 2 matters that arouse my interest which I would have not been bothered otherwise.

    One was a show of support from our Foreign Minister as this would fall under Home Affairs' jurisdiction if it involves any criminal act. Otherwise, not sure if it is good to have governmental comments on such matters.

    Second were comments if I did not recall wrongly something like his wife had forgiven him and he has repented, we should forgive him. But again, it is interesting to note whether repentant came before the misdeed was exposed or after. It was reported to be more than 10 affairs.

    My family has decided to leave Jack Neo's matter alone by simply not watching any of his movies, purchase any product endorsed by him and visit any company that he had known interest in.

    It is not for us to judge, but certainly our choice to decide if we will have anything to do with him in the future.

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