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I have my own animal feed business and I was planing on expanding. I sell all types of food from small bird food to horsefeed, dog food etc at very low prices I mainly do deliverys but pick up is available too,we are located in Galway but travel frequently all over. I was just wondering how I would advertise my business all across Ireland via Internet,newpapers etc any help is greatly apprietated Thank you

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    I assume by expanding your business you mean you want to "widen your net" and increase your prospects.

    You can certainly do that by developing a website and search optimizing it for the geographic locations you are targeting. But don't just create a static site and expect it to bring in business. You would need to develop a dynamic site that is easily found in search engines and that will generate sales and capture leads. Easier said than done, right? But well worth pursuing. You could certainly do this on your own. It will just take research, time and effort on your part to do so. You could also hire someone to do this for you but make sure to use someone with a track record and talent needed to do so.

    However, there is actually 3 ways you can increase your business:

    1. More prospects

    2. Increased conversion rate of prospects to customers

    3. Increased value or worth of each customer

    First, I would actually recommend utilizing some of the hidden assets currently in your business to help grow your business.

    One of the biggest assets I see businesses neglect is communicating the unique or competitive advantage they have over their competition. I would suggest before you do anything else is to craft a powerful USP. You can read an article I wrote specifically addressing this topic: . If you haven't crafted your USP, do so asap. You would then need to integrate your USP into every facet of your business; business cards, stationary, flyers, brochures, website, Yellow Pages ads, newspaper ads, signs, name tags, direct mail packages, company vehicles, advertising specialties, packaging, etc.

    Another under utilized asset is your database of all your current and past customers and prospects. Reactivate your past customers with a reactivation campaign, contact current customers to increase the average sale, contact prospects to communicate your new usp.

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    Good question.....

    If you want to advertise your business worldwide?..

    I have visited the leading b2b portal - Bizbilla. It is the best platform to grow your business...There are two methods to advertise your is one is free online advertisement and another one is paid online advertisement...

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    Add your website to as many free online business directories as possible. You state your in Ireland but it maybe worth checking if can help you out. I use them and its great, free and fast with a guaranteed google placement.

    If by any chance you do anything regarding aquatics then yes i can help you ( send me an email via my profile).

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    nicely connect the community marketplace institutions that are a fantastic position to get correct marketplace contacts quickly and cheap and also you are able to deliver out mailers or organise a "get-to-comprehend-us" social gathering for the individuals. continuously community and be sure that there is efficacious be conscious-of-mouth at any given threat without seeming like a pile-on.

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