Check out my NFL mock draft?

My mock draft is mad good

1.STL: Sam Bradford QB: Oklahoma: The Rams have addressed the "best" player on the board the last 2 years, they need a QB now!

2: DET: Ndamukong Suh DT: Nebraska: Detroit's d-line will be stacked with suh and vanden-bosh

3. TB: Eric Berry S Tennessee: The bucs need a better secondary, eric berry will really, really help tanard jackson and the rest of that secondary

4.WAS: Jimmy Clauson QB: Notre Dame: Since Bradford is off the board the Redskins get a number 2 QB, but a pretty damn good one

5.KC: Russell Okung OT: Oklahoma St.: They need a tackle, Cassel can play great when he's protected and safe.

6.SEA: Earl Thomas S Texas: Since all of the QB's are taken off the board, the need to take the best player

7. Cleveland: Joe Haden CB Flordia: Need some help in the secondary, he's that help.

8. Oakland: Bruce Campbell OT: Maryland: The Raiders love players like this (especially from Maryland) but he does have BUST written all over him

9. Buffalo: Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa: He is a great lineman, he can really help a depleted bills o-line.

10. JAC: Jason Pierre-Paul South Florida: He's really gonna help that jags pass rush, with Kampman on the other side.

11. DEN: Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma St.: Say goodbye to Brandon Marshall and get ready for Dez bryant.

12.MIA: Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech: Since they got Dansby they can get the best player left

13.SAN:Arrelious Benn WR Illinois: They could use a nice reciver to go along with crabtree and davis

14. SEA: Tim Tebow QB Florida: Since the best QB's are off the board, they have to take Tebow.

15.New York Giants Gerald McCoy DT Oklahoma: He dropped very far down the board, he'll really help that defense

16.Tennessee: Sean Weatherspoon LB Missouri: He can help that aging defense and be a future defensive leader.

17. SAN: Taylor Mays S: USC: He can really help that defense and he's a local kid.

18.Pittsburg: Mike Lupati G Idaho: The Steelers line is bad, but he can make it better.

19.Atlanta: Brandon Graham DE Michigan: Graham can be a great player along with John Abraham in a potentially good defense.

20.Houston: Devin McCorty CB Rutgers: He in the future will be a shutdown CB in the nfl.

21. Bengals: Golden Tate WR Notre Dame: The Bengals need someone on Offense to make huge plays when needed

22. NE: Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma: The patriots now need a tight end to help Tom Brady, he could even play reciever

23. GB: Charles Brown OT USC: He can help the packers line with Chad clifton on the other side

24.PHL: Rolando McClain LB Alabama: He can help Witherspoon to become a dominant linebacking corps

25.Baltimore: Mardy Gilyard WR Cincinatti: He will be a sufficient number 2 to boldin.

26. Arizona: Anthony Davis OT Rutgers: Lienart's gonna need some protection to get better

27.Dallas: Sergio Kindle LB/DE Texas: Kindle will help Dallas' pass rush, play DE, and OLB.

28.San Diego: CJ Spiller RB Clemson: Honestly the Chargers are gonna be really lucky if he drops this far, but they would really, really need him.

29. NYJ: Everson Griffen DE USC: Sean Ellis is getting old so Griffen can really help them

30.Minnesota: Perrish Cox CB Oklahoma St.: Minnesota needs a young corner to help make their defense very troublesome.

31. IND: Jared Odrick DT Penn St.: The colts just need a good DT to make their front 7 great.

32. NO: Ryan Matthews RB Fresno St: They saints only need is really a good RB which is what Matthews is.


I DO play football

I'm actually a patriots fan, I'd like to see them pick up Grehsam and get Jerry Hughes in the second round

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
    Favourite answer

    y do tim tebow get such a low pick?

    i thot he was best QB in the UNITED STATES?

    maybe u just haet florida and u r biased

  • 1 decade ago

    Not the worst mock I've seen but there are some problems.

    If the Rams stay put at #1 overall they'd have to go with Suh. They need a QB more than a d-lineman, but neither Bradford or Clausen (who is better than Bradford) is worth a #1 overall pick or #1 overall pick money. If I were them I'd trade down with the Buccs and take Clausen, though Bradford would be a good fit for their west coast offense, especially if his new 236 pound frame gives him legit NFL arm strength and durability.

    Unless the Redskins can re-tool their o-line before the draft they can't take a QB with their first pick. Even if there was a great QB prospect in this class, I wouldn't him behind that pathetic excuse for pass protection down in DC.

    Derrick Morgan will be the first defensive end off the board. I love JPP's potential, but he's too raw and he didn't have a great combine (not bad, but not great), so I don't see him going ahead of Brandon Graham and Everson Griffen.

    Morgan also probably won't go to a team that runs a 3-4 (Dolphins), same thing with Everson Griffen (who you have going to the Jets). The two of them are textbook 4-3 ends without the size and raw power to play end in a 3-4 but their hips aren't fluid enough to play 3-4 end. They'd be best fit on 4-3 teams like the Falcons and Titans.

    Unless Tim Tebow really blows teams away in workouts and interviews (and I mean really) I would be shocked if he goes in the first round, especially as high as you have him going. NFL prospects aren't evaluated by their strengths but by their weaknesses, and Tebow has way too many weaknesses and question marks.

    There's no way the 49ers would take a receiver in the first two years in a row, and even if a receiver was a need 13 overall is too high for Arrelious Benn. Right tackle is a HUGE hole for them, so Anthony Davis or Trent Williams would be the only way to go with Bryan Bulaga off the board.

    Gerald McCoy would be a Giants fan's wet dream, but that's just not happening. If he fell out of the top 3 he'd be snatched up even if a team didn't need a DT.

    I like McCourty but I don't know that he's worth the 20th overall pick. If any cornerback besides Joe Haden will go in the first it will be either Kyle Wilson or Perrish Cox.

    Jermaine Gresham is okay but he's not really first round material. He has good hands and has good vertical ability, but he's not very fast, has injury problems and is a borderline liability as a blocker. For a TE to go in the first he has to have freakish athleticism like Vernon Davis or Dustin Keller or be a balanced receiver and blocker, like Brandon Pettigrew. The Pats have three second round picks and if they can't get a TE before the draft they have more than a good shot at either Gresham or Rob Gronkowski from Arizona, who a lot of people like more than Gresham.

    I really doubt that Rolando McClain will fall that far. Between the Chiefs, Dolphins, Bills and Browns running 3-4 defenses with medicore linebacking corps I'd be shocked to see him fall past the top 15.

    Baltimore just filled their hole for a wideout, why would they take one with their first draft pick when they could beef up their secondary or defensive line?

    Sergio Kindle won't play defensive end in the NFL, even in a 4-3. He will be be best as a rush linebacker in a 3-4, but could also play the strong side with some coaching. He'd be good value at 27 overall so I wouldn't be surprised if the 'Boys picked him up, but with DeMarcus Ware they don't really need him.

    Besides that its not bad.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like this.. it seems pretty well informed, and you put your own personal little blurb on each pick. Very nice.

    I disagree with Tebow going so high (I think he's a 2nd or 3rd rounder at best). I also think that there is NO WAY that Gerald McCoy drops all the way to the Giants. Wishful thinking on your part maybe? U a Giants fan?

  • 1 decade ago

    Looks pretty good. My only real disagreement would be Denver taking Dez Bryant. While they will likely get rid of Marshall, Bryant could practically be a younger version of him personality-wise. Denver likely won't draft him.

    Oh and Tebow isn't going that early unless he really shows that his new throwing motion is actually beneficial, and even then he is an insanely risky pick for the first round.

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  • 4 years ago

    The Panthers are not taking a quarterback at number one. Julio Jones isn't falling to the Redskins at 10. This mock draft is just way to flawed

  • 1 decade ago

    Tebow that high? Not going to happen. Gerald McCoy Dropping that far? I doubt that as well. Tampa Bay wont pass on McCoy. Ryan matthews will be the first back taken in the draft

  • Bill B
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    I don't think the Patriots wil pick a TE in the first round. They need to improve their pass rush, so I think they go DE or OLB in the first round. They have 3 second round picks and I expect them togo after a TE or RB with one of those.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for the chargers i dont think they will get CJ. He for sure will not be drafted that late. For the chargers i think either ryan mathews. Jonathan dwyer, or my favorite Jahvid best. And NO needs anything but a RB. they have reggie bush and pierre thomas

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dude ur dumb. the saints dont need a RB they had the 6th best running gam in the league last year. look at facts before u throw stuff out. saints will get mostly D in draft.

  • 1 decade ago

    Niners would never take a WR over Spiller (PR, pass catcher, RB, explosive) Shipley (big, PR, complementary WR) and Tate

  • 1 decade ago

    no thanks, ill pas on that slow CB at seven trade down or go with the next best on the board thats what our cbs are already lacking is speed we need to draft a DB with some step

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