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Insect that destroys the human heart?

Want to know the name of the Sth American bug whose bite lays eggs in the human body and causes the heart to blow up years later

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    The insect vector is the "assasin bug". Trypanosoma cruzi causes damage to a variety of tissues with fatal results. It is a common cause of oesophageal problems annd infiltration of the heart produces a cardiomyopathy.

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    ? Some body has been reading too many horror stories. there is liver flukes and some that lay eggs just beneath the skin.

    But delayed action exploding hearts ha .

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    Joe is correct, but the disease is spelled Chagas Disease


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    Trypanosoma cruzi.

    Look up Chargas Disease.

    Source(s): virologist
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    OMG- I want to know about it too!

    That's terrible. Never heard of it.

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    the stinger or danger bug?!

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