New Study: Domestic Violence against men just as likely as against women - what do we do now?

This is actually a very detailed article, so I would encourage people to read it in full, as it explains and outlines a lot of the results and findings of the study.

Some highlights are;

- the Department of Justice which funds many studies relating to violence against women, has explicitly refused to fund any such studies relating to violence against men.

- The National Institutes of Mental Health were kind enough to fund a single study, which showed several key things;

- Domestic violence occurs no less against men than against women

- The perception amongst women (and unfortunately men as well), that it is twofold more acceptable for a woman to hit a man compared to men hitting women.

- When calling the police , MEN who are VICTIMS of domestic violence are THREE TIMES more likely to get ARRESTED than the actual women who abuse them!!

- Despite that men get abused just as much as women, there is no funding, no facilities and no contribution at any level to help men deal with this. There is a single help center being staffed entirely by volunteers and ran off donations in the entire US

- Out of 1200-1800 domestic abuse shelters in the US, only 1 allowed men.

- The legal system is very biased in favor of women, which presents significant financial problems for countless men

So my question is, is it time we woke up and admitted that there is a serious crisis in regards to domestic abuse & violence, deep sexism and discrimination against men - and do something about it? And what can be done to help these male victims of abuse, when governmental agencies refuse to even consider it's happening?

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    Violence against men also includes the violent response of those same government bodies sworn to protect and defend the citizenry equally and without discrimination. This is the usual result of a complaint of violence by a woman, with police and courts acting on a complaint of 'violence', no matter how unfounded, with violence. In doing this they feel they are doing God's work, etc.

    I have argued repeatedly that, with the increasing dilution of the English language, particularly the word 'violence', anything and everything can be made into 'violence', even when it is nothing of the sort. Once that happens, and the forces of law are geared up to deal with 'violence', and are steeped in the tradition that 'more police officers are killed and wounded in the line of duty while attending domestic disputes', you are looking at a situation where violence from the forces of law is inevitable.

    Then the courts step in, and apply the unacceptable standards of 'guilty until proven innocent', unquestioningly supporting police and their point of view, no matter how fanciful, and 'protecting the victim', no matter how ill-founded their victim status is in reality. The direct result of this is that the person complained about can be assaulted, imprisoned, thrown out of home onto the streets, and fitted up with a record that lasts the rest of his life, with all the consequences that entails in terms of his employability, political input, and personal life.

    Yet this is not called 'violence', whereas a simple complaint by a woman that she cannot get her way over the shopping list is.

    I will repeat the question I've asked before: Why would any sane, civilised, democratic government dedicated to the proper rule of law pursue such a course, and what could possibly be in it for that government?

    Source(s): Abuse of words has been the great instrument of sophistry and chicanery, of party, faction, and division of society. Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak, and that it is doing God's service when it is violating all His laws. John Adams, 6th US President. American, President Quotes
  • Leah
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    4 years ago

    Violence against men is a crime and violence against women is a crime. If I saw someone being beaten up in the street I would be just as likely to step in and try to stop it if a woman was hitting a man or a man was hitting a woman. Domestic violence isn't justice as people don't deserve to be treated like that. xxx xx x

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Tiger Woods is the most famous male DV victim today, and the poster boy for how the media handles male victims of female violence. Did you know that at almost the same time as the Woods story broke (29th Nov), Reese Witherspoon was addressing the UK government on the urgent need to stop violence against women (Dec 2nd);_ylt=Ao...

    How do we change this imbalance? Feminism has been very successful through 'pester power' i.e. lobbying the hell out of government officials. They lobbied with lies about DV, so just think what would happen if we lobbied with facts.

    One day we will all look back in wonder at the days when almost everyone - including the world's media - were in total denial over domestic violence by women against men.

  • 10 years ago

    Continue to raise awareness because currently not a whole lot of people know about this very serious issue. Our feminized society has been conditioned to believe that only women can be victim and only men abused. With enough awareness and opposition, hopefully, funding and research will be distribute far more evenly (instead of only focus on female victims) and feminism will lose control of the Domestic Violence industry.

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  • 10 years ago

    The DV statistics have shown this roughly 50/50 ratio for nearly 30 years. The studies have shown it again and again when female-to-male DV has been included in the studies. As you note, most of the government studies are designed to avoid looking into it. All we as citizens can do is keep the issue forward in mind. Slowly, the popular media are seeing the anti-male bias. Even Tyra Banks had a show about abused men not long ago. I have noticed that so-called "Reality" TV shows also show female-to-male DV more and more (that is, the closer to reality they are, the more balance they capture on tape).

    If you have been reading GWS postings in the past, say, 6-12 months, you have have noticed that our staunchly Feminist[tm] female friends here have admitted that straight DV is roughly 50/50. So the facts ARE being accepted albeit slowly.

    What we as individuals can do is to support our male friends who are abuse victims the same way we support our female friends who are abuse victims. Shame neither. Thanks and take care.

    Added @True Brit: >>"I'd make sure the violence happened in front of witnesses. "

    If you are the victim of non-reciprocal IPV, you are not in control of WHERE, WHEN, nor in front of WHOM it happens.

  • 10 years ago

    Bamboo, men care about their children too. A man in a domestic violence situation also has his children to worry about too, and since (almost) no shelters will provide for him, HE has a harder time leaving, not a woman. In fact, children are the most common reason a man STAYS in an abusive relationship, because if he tries to take them with him he'll be branded a criminal and the kids taken and given back to her without him there to protect them.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    This has been known to be true for a long time. Check out Dr, Murray Strauss' web pages at the U. New Hampshire. Their family violence research center has been compiling this sort of data for more than 20 years. Feminist bigots have been trying desperately to suppress this information, with great success, for all of this time. However, slowly the science is leaking out.

    It should be noted that feminist bigots in the Obama adminstration have grown so alarmed about this recently that they issued a memo that any local police agancies whose DV arrests are greater than 15% female are suspected of being biased against women. When science begins to crush the dogma of bigots, their last recourse is to try to institutionalize their bigotry. Of course, because it is their last recourse, it should not be too many years before the whole bigoted VAWA agenda and political coalition comes crashing down.

    Just keep pushing.

    Source(s): me.
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Well the "sexism" exists because men are more likely to seriously harm, rape or kill a woman than vice verse. But you are right, some men get abused and they are less likely to call the police or tell anyone because they fear ridicule which is being abused all over again. I knew a guy in high school that was in an abusive relationship and everyone knew but no one did anything because we all felt like a man should be able to stand up for himself. There is less sympathy but that is a double standard. I think that the most important thing is to stop ridiculing men that are abused (especially because it is good that they don't retaliate) and take them more seriously. Many times abusers mentally control those they abuse so even though the man is usually physically stronger if she is in control of his mind then it doesn't matter.

  • 10 years ago

    And if you were to include emotional abuse, and abuse by proxy (eg. getting another guy to kill your husband) in those statistics, the abuse from women against men would be off the charts.

  • 10 years ago

    If I was a man being abused by my wife, I'd visit a lawyer. I'd lay charges.

    I'd make sure the violence happened in front of witnesses.

    The biggest problem though, is the fear of humiliation. A woman is more in fear of her life than in fear of humiliation. For men, the opposite seems to be true. They get no support from men, it's a crime that is swept under the carpet. Male victims are seen as such "victims" and are despised. The perception is that because a man has superior strength, he can use it when things get really bad.

    An assault is a crime. By constantly bringing it up you make it more acceptable to the public and more able to understand it and the effects of it.

    The biggest problem is convincing men that it is a problem.

    Just to add: the reason why male on female violence is probably taken more seriously is the outcome - women victims are much more likely to be murdered by their husbands - I can't remember the statistics, but it is very high, in the 90% - than men are by their wives. That statistic is very, very low, comparatively.

    The outcome for the woman victim is usually more serious.

    That is not to condone woman on man violence, just a possible explanation of why it is taken more seriously.

    Edit: To the poster above who commented that we aren't in control of where violence occurs - this is true, but I would move someone into my house, if necessary.

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