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Why did Al Gores famous hockey stick graph disappear from the IPCC's 4th assessment report?

Sort of makes you think what else might disappear in the 5th assessment report?


Bob... that graph looks very different from the first one. Do you think it will change again for the forth assessment report, how can we ever trust this data when it is so obviously exaggerated, manipulated and changed as that is a completely different range?

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    Actually it was Michael Mann's infamous hockey stick, and it disappeared because it's wrong.

    It was a trial balloon that popped, just like the Himalayan glaciers.

    EDIT - "replaced by a more precise version" is a cop-out. They started with the lie. Then they got caught. Then they changed their story.

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    It isn't just a matter of being a Christian. Before Christians ever started, it was a command for humans period. Adam & Eve were charged at Genesis 1:28 to "become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon the earth.” So taking care of the environment and all creatures in it is part of the original purpose for humanity.

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    I haven't seen that it disappeared. If they simply replaced it with Bob's example, it would be pretty sad. They were fooled so badly by Mann et al. with the first hokey shtick and these gullible alarmists actually vouch for the subsequent reconstructions from the same one who got it so wrong the first time.

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    Bob has got it right. When we learn more, we refine what we say accordingly. So you would expect the best available estimate to change over time. Then the no-warming fundamentalists, like the biblical fundamentalists, turn around and say that proves scientists are unreliable.

    Go reckon...

    Edit: SAGE, that's nonsense. Give a link to your claim.

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    Because in reality the C02 rates were shown to start rising a few hundred years BEFORE the temps went up at all.When that started to get out to the public the graph became a problem.

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    The one he used was 8 years old, and it's been replaced with a newer one. The same trends are there. See the source for side-by-side comparisons of deniers vs. scientists.

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    Because it was replaced by a more precise version. That didn't do anything to change things, except to further establish the truth of global warming. Global warming science continues to improve.

    Here's the new version, which shows the Medieval Warm Period in its proper perspective.

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