How hard is CIMA course?

I am at technician level AAT and have just passed my December exams. I enjoy the managment aspect more than the financial and would like to go on and do CIMA but worry I am simply not clever enough. Can anyone tell me how hard CIMA is and how it compares to AAT? Many Thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    people say (not me personally) that accounting is harder than biology or aerospace engineering (i.e. rocket science).

    Having done an accounting related degree that offers me CIMA exemptions, I can say it's not easy. It's not that the maths is difficult (com'on who can't add, divide, multiply and subtract?). However, the process is somewhat confusing.

    However, like any quantitative subject with a really weird way of working things out, you need a lot of practise.

    I have managed to get 1st class and 2:1 marks on quite a few modules. However, these are just the intermediate and junior modules so I have yet to take on the big stuff. Is it hard? It's challenging, but it can be done.

    Is it more difficult than AAT? Yes, but the fact you have an AAT will help you on the financial accounting side of things.

    Will you fail any one of the modules? yes you would, like most people out there who took one of these notorious exams.

    Is it worth it? since you have an AAT, you can imagine it would open up more avenues in your career than you AAT would.

    Do I recommend it? Only if you are prepared.

    Hope this helps

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think CIMA is a highly respected qualification, it's not easy than other bio, engineering study.

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