Can i drop a assaults charge against my girlfriend in maryland?

My girlfriend pissed me off by talking about my ex i used to be with 3years ago before i even met her, and i tried to explain to her that, ( hey look that was my past and neither me or you can control that ) but shes too crazy that she wont listen to anything i had to say. she asked me for my ex number which i gave her, she called her up and 2 mins later she threw the phone at the wall, jumped on me while i was laying down, and started cursing me out for being unfaithful, i believe my ex told her that i dont wanna be with her and this other stuffs. that set her off! before i know it i was against the wall being choke, got slapped twice on my face and all,(im not the type that will hit a girl so you guys can say whatever you wanna say but really this is serious) i was gonna leave my house for her so she can just calm down, and i can explain to her that is not like that, i dont have nothing left for my ex and the only reason i still have her number on my phone is the fact that i have some of her movies with me, i swear the last time i talk to my ex was 2 and half years ago! so i dont get the fact that my girlfriend still think i wanna be with me ex. to make it short i called the cops on her, i told em i dont wanna see her go to jail but i want her out from my house till we both calm down, but for some reason i got a call from her in county jail! she has being charged with assaults or domestic violence, i dont know! but really i dont wanna see my baby gurl go to prison! i dont wanna put any bad thing on her record. Because i have done so many things for her, sent her to school,help her get her a job and even get her a car! shes not living with me yet but she dont have nobody to support her but me, i know im done with her, but i will hate to see what ive been working all this years to make better ending to prison, please help me! im trying to drop the charges against her, and all of this thing happened today, now i feel stupid for calling the cops! :(

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  • trai
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    1 decade ago
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    No, you can't. The district attorney is pressing the charges on behalf of the state, and only s/he can decide to drop them. Very little chance that will happen.

    No one is incarcerated for a misdemeanor assault charge unless s/he has priors. She will get fines, community service, and/or probation. Plus the anger management classes she desperately needs. Consider the fact that this might be the wake-up call she needs to realize that her behavior has consequences.

    Don't consider lying or ignoring a subpoena. That won't help her, only add problems for you.

    Good luck finding a nice girl. :)

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  • Janet
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    4 years ago

    Initially I would say leave him. You need to provide more details though. Describe the extent of the physical assault. Just on the surface, I would have to say that any consistently verbally abusive relationship is a bad relationship. With just these few details and the assumption that there was no injury involved (he just grabbed your wrist or something) I would say have mercy and drop the charges, but leave him and get a restraining order. If he truly did something to injure you, then let the charges stand and get a restraining order. Violence against women and children is a very serious issue. Abusers tend to get worse, not better. I personally survived life threatening injuries by a parent when I was a child. I can tell you from experience that these people do not get better without consequences, help, and a desire to truly change.

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