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mayerj72 asked in SportsHockey · 1 decade ago

Why did the NHL change the entire format of the Olympic hockey tournament and exercise all that power?

In all other sports people adapt to the Olympics, but the IOC instead adapts to the NHL. Would like to see what would go on if Fifa adjusted the World Cup for leagues that refuse to cooperate. It's ridiculous!

They want to exercise that much influence, then fine, don't have the Olympics held in Canada. Take them to Asia, Europe or some other place. We've had plenty of hockey tournaments before without those supposed NHL stars. In fact, in 1998 the Czechs beat the multimillionaires of Canada with a team that was mostly made up of players that were playing in the Czech Republic. In terms of salary Canada should have won that game 20 - 0, but they lost. Pathetic supposed stars!

When I watched hockey back then, there were 5 group games for every team and then the elimination rounds. Now the NHL decreased those games and exercises all kind of power over the IOC. The weirdest thing is that hockey has lost a lot of popularity in Europe compared to 20 years ago and it's not all that popular in the US either. I heard the NHL has been struggling with viewers.

It's a overhyped league that throws money around and exercises influence. I know that smaller ice surface was only in place for financial reasons and also the fact that the organizers knew that it would give certain teams an advantage.

How can they possibly just change the ice surface from the valid international standards? Ridiculous!!!

Calgary '88 was already a waste. They only put those Olympics there back then in order to have NHL players compete in it and then the NHL declined. They didn't want to lose to the Russians on the international surface I guess.


@thelau: Cool, then hold the Olympics in another country. These costs wouldn't have stood in comparison to other costs anyways. It's part of having the Olympics and not the reason why.

Update 2:

@Like: Incorrect. The Czechs did not have 17 NHL players at that time. Most of their team did not play in the NHL. Just check it online. No correction needed on my part.

Update 3:

As of 1992 there were more games. They only got decreased because the NHL had those demands.

The ice rink was used so Canada would stand a better chance to win. You remember the game against Russia in '06 right? The US didn't make it far either. Same in '98.

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  • kozzm0
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    1 decade ago
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    Saying the rink size makes no difference is wrong, even with European teams that have entirely NHL players. The simple reason is, those guys didn't grow up playing on NHL ice and their style generally doesn't match it. They got NHL contracts because they fit in to overall teams, not because they were any good at dumping and hitting or board freezing (Canada should have lost cause of the board freezing tonight, it was pathetic).

    So you can fit IIHF-bred players into the NHL But if you build an entire team out of European players, they'll be at a disadvantage on NHL ice, unless they're as good as the Soviets.

    I don't think they'll use NHL ice in Sochi - but I expect Bettman will try to insist on it. What he's trying to do isn't so much to prove Canadians are the best anymore, that's a lost cause. He's trying to save Flyers-style slow hockey from the inevitable trend away from it.

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  • Rita
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    4 years ago

    Agreed entirely. Either that, or make it a rule that no professional players are allowed. Ovechkin made the biggest scene in the NHL about wanting to represent his country in the olympics, after the Capitals expressed fear that their 12.5 million dollar a season player could get hurt in the olympics, and then gets hurt in regular season game. Im a Rangers fan and don't want to see Lundqvist injured this winter, especially since he's already got a gold medal, what the hell else is there for him do in the winter games? And lets face it, Canada and Russia are going to extremely stacked with a ridiculous amount of talent to the point where it won't it be fun to watch their games (walking over everyone), but the highlights will be awesome.

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  • 42
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    1 decade ago

    You really need to stop complaining about the smaller rink and move on, dude. I don't hear any of the players complaining, probably since most of them already play on an NHL-size rink.

    The NHL is struggling with viewers because their American TV contract stinks. But in Canada, the league seems as popular as ever.

    Look, there are things I prefer about the skills-based finesse style of European hockey over the physical style of North American hockey, but it is what it is. Complaining about it isn't going to change it.

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  • Again, to correct you, the 1998 Czech gold medalists had 17 NHL players, and 5 Czech league players and only 1 of the players on that gold medal team...(David Moravec) never played a game in the NHL.

    The Russian team they beat had 22 NHL players on it, and no Russian League players.

    You also need a primer on the Olympics..............prior to 1992, the Olympic tournament consisted of 2 divisions of 6 teams playing a round robin (5 games) and a playoff round robin (2 games) so each team played 7 games. Prior to 1976, It was an 8 team round robin (7 games) no playoffs.

    SInce 1992, the tournament has consisted of a round robin followed by playoff rounds and has resuled in 7 games (1992, 1994, 2010) or 8 games (1998, 2002, 2006) for teams.

    So again, no reduction in games as you claim

    And again, both rinks used in the Olympic tournament are capable of that extra 4 meters of width....there was no financial issues whatsoever.

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  • thelau
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    1 decade ago

    Do you want to foot the bill to expand and refit the arena to have a larger ice surface? How about all of the potential lost revenue from a smaller rink? In the end, it wasn't worth it to refit. The IIHF and NHL are still two different entities; have you noticed that there's no-touch icing and no trapezoid? How about every player is wearing a visor? Stoppage in play every time the puck touches the goalie's head? The loss of helmet rule?

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  • 1 decade ago


    All that and they have to shut down their season too.

    Lots of influence...

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