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How do you make love to a girl/lady/woman?

I need to know how to make love to a girl/lady/woman and how long it should last. I know it varies for different people but what is the average amout of time of making love? What is the difference between making love and have sex? Please be detailed.

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    Well lets start with #1 how to make love to a girl/lady/woman and how long should it last?

    Answer: Well it depends on how well you can do it some men can go on forever and not even get limp down there but usually it ends when the woman orgasms don't stop when you orgasam you should always let the ladies go first ;-)

    #2 What is the average amount of time of making love?

    Answer: Well my experiance is usually 1-2 hrs thats plus foreplay and stuff

    #3 What is the difference between sex and making love?

    Answer: Well that is simple sex is just and act of two people who dont really care or love eachother in other words its a hook up when you make love its slower with more passion and intensity and you love the person you are doing it with you two people genuinly know each other and like each other. Making love is more intense then sex because of how each person reacts to the others touch and kiss and movement.

    I hoped I helped you!

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    having sex is generally a casual thing where you don't care about the other person that much, you're just doing her.

    Making love is when you're in a committed relationship and you genuinely care about the other person and your "having sex" is more of a love union (if that makes any sense)

    As for completing the task... you find someone who wants to have sex and you start with kissing and progress. It usually lasts a few minutes but if you want to be awesome, slow yourself down and wait for her to finish (then it might take 30mins or more)

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    You're lucky I have nothing else to do. This is what I do...

    You're going to want a lot of foreplay. I'm sure you know how to kiss and undress so let's skip to the part where you're both naked. You will be on top of her kissing her. Move onto kissing her neck, keep your hands moving, grazing all over her body, soft touches. Slowly work down to the breasts, do not suck on the nipples, keep the touches with your tongue on her body very light. Down past her stomach and down to between her legs. Do not dive in like a dog into its dinner. Kiss at her thighs and tease her, tease her a lot. Breathe on her and kiss around her. After a while begin cuninnglingus. You want to be just above the vaginal opening. With your tongue start spelling out the alphabet (bare with me). If you do this around her cliterus, it will give the variation that will stimulate her well, listen for sounds of pleasure. After a while she should be very wet, you can then insert a finger or two, be slow. Continue licking and make a come hither motion with your fingers (so in, up and back). After some time, move back up her body while still stimulating her with your fingers. When you feel she is ready you can think about beginning penetrative sex (please be safe). Guide yourself into her and begin the following. Do 9 shallow thrusts followed by 1 deep, then 8 shallow, 2 deep, then 7shallow, 3 deep and so on until you are down to all 10 deep. From here it is up to you and her how it goes. She should be enjoying it thoroughly by now and is very likely to take the reigns and go on top or whatever else she desires. Starting like this should set you up nicely and try not to worry too much about how long you should be lasting. Your set-up here will keep you focused enough until you're both well into it.

    You did say detailed. Hope this helps.

  • it varies, you cant put a time limit on it. if you are really into someone it could last 12 hrs or 12 mins. the diffrence between making love and having sex depends on the relationship. it could be that you are feeling "naughty" with your significant other and dont want to do the whole lovey dovey thing but you know that you 2 love each other but just want to get nasty that is a good example of how they can be the same. opposite of that would be 2 people hookin up in a club without any emotional commitment just straight sex.

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    Well I don't want to say that having sex is selfish but when making Love you are completely "feeling" that person. It is like you both are one person, moving as one. There is not one person in control, you have to let her be equal to you to but you also need to be the man. Time wise, you want a little fore-play, nothing naughty or dirty but some soft, passionate kissing to get you both ready. I would say at least 30 to 45 minutes. Personally my boyfriend and I always try to go for an hour. There is no race to finish, when making Love, time should stop.

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    How do you make love to a girl/lady/woman?

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    be gentle, passionate, loving, unselfish.. kiss her body, caress her face, run your fingers through her hair, hold her close.

    the average time for sex is 7 to 13 minutes.

    it should be however long it takes for you and her to climax.

    making love is a lot more passionate, i view it as you make love to someone you truly care about and love. you can have sex with anyone and it can be anything from slow to rough.

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