Why are gambling rules different in our country?

Dear Gordon, when you win a £1 in a bookmakers you get back your stake plus £1.When you "win"a £1 on the national lottery instants you actually get your £1 stake back and win nothing.Are the gambling laws flexible depending on whether they pay for the Olympic stadiums,or just a crafty form of gambling tax.

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    The two are different things.

    A bet is an agreement that the loser will pay the winner a specified amount. Bookmakers have to get the customer's stake upfront, otherwise they would never get paid in practice. But you get your stake back if you win, along with whatever the bookie agreed to pay you.

    In a lottery you buy a ticket that may or may not be worth something in the future. It is not a bet, so there is no stake to be returned.

    The national lottery very openly is designed to raise money for good causes, as well as for the government. If you don't like the odds don't play the game.

    Interestingly, it is illegal for UK bookies to take bets on the national lottery numbers. This is because they could make a good profit paying out about £40 if you match 3 out of 6, rather than the £10 you get on the lottery itself.

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    good point .if i won ten mill on the lottery i should get ten million and my quid back. that quid counts. it could buy me another winning ticket.

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