legal help. domestic assault charges. possible ways to get them dropped if state is pressing?

before everyone decides that I AM an abuse victim, just stop. every question i've seen - all the answers assume that the woman who wants the charges dropped is because of battered syndromes. Not the case here I was pissed I called the cops - we were both fighting and can hold our own against each other. Both are willing to try couselling, need to get no contact dropped and charges dropped. I've been told to write a letter to the county prosecutor to explain why to drop charges - not sure how to go about or write it well

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    It depends on your state. Most do not allow the spouse to withdraw charges.

  • tanner
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    1 decade ago

    If it is the state procecuting (not you), you won't be able to get them dropped, it's the states duty to take action. If you're in a violent relationship (where you both do the hitting & pushing) you better get out of it. No point in going to counseling. Once you've crossed that bridge, you can't uncross it, you'll always go back to your violent ways with each other. Time to move on & start a healthy relationship with someone else. The fact that you & your partner are equally violet & only he got charges pressed against him is pretty messed up, you both should be charged. Shame on you for calling the cops & placeing blame on him. If I was him, I would be pissed & not want you back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    since police were called it is now a criminal matter. unlikely they will just let it go. why? they would be liable if he goes back and does it again. if he hurts you badly next time (or worse), the prosecutor would lose his job.

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