Confused with eye prescription?

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Hi all, I am hoping you can help me with my recent eye prescription. I have known for a while now that my left eye is lazy (although it doesn't look it, it just doesn't do more
Update : I don't know what my visual acuity is without glasses. My visual more
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You have right eye mixed astigmatism which means one meridian is hyperopic and the other is myopic. Your left eye is hyperopic in both meridians.

Astigmatism blurs both far and near vision which is why you like to wear your glasses for distance viewing. Your left eye is not lazy as it sees 6/6 with glasses.

As to when to wear them, suit yourself. If you like the sharp, clear vision you get with glasses and like to see clearly with both eyes, then wear them all the time. If you don't mind a little blur or don't care that the left eye is blurry, only use them for detailed tasks.

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  • Sharon answered 4 years ago
    You should wear your glasses for comfort and vision.

    Usually an eye needs to be worse than 6/6 to be called lazy but i would call an eye lazy when it acts like a lazy eye.

    Nave your eyes examined again and you might get a little sharper vision.


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  • Inspector answered 4 years ago
    first off, the other answer about opthalmologist versus optometrist is not true at all. Optometrist might be better than opthalmologist at refraction.

    Now, your prescription means you are farsighted. Did you get a complete dilate exam? Your eyes are always "accommodating" so with your glasses it's going to relax your accommodation. You just need some time to adjust to your prescription. If it's been awhile and you still have problems revisit your doctor to have the glasses check if they are made correctly.
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  • Norma answered 4 years ago
    See an Opthomolegist.. He/she can define any problems with each eye. An Optometrist looks at your ability to see in general and does not consider each eye separately. An Opthomolegist is more interested in reolving your eye problems while the Optometrist is mainly interested in selling you glasses.
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