What is KET? Just curious.?

I've just come out of hospital from an asthma attack and yesterday I was reading all the tests they did and everything came back negative except for KET, there was a trace in my urine. The nurse just said not to worry about it, she said it normally is a sign of diabetes but seen as I have none of the other backing symptoms I just won't be getting enough hydration, which seen as I hydrate myself using Pepsi Max and I know the con with fizzy drinks(make you more thirsty) that explains things.

I'm just curious as to what KET is though?


Pepsi Max is sugar free.

Update 2:

Gary B, they did every test imagineable on me, there is only a trace of KET, nothing else and plus I have an allergy to water known as aquagenic uritica so not a good idea.

I balance Pepsi into my diet well and maintain good health, frankly an asthma attack can't be avoided.

Also Pepsi Max, not Diet Pepsi or Pepsi.

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    KET is the abbreviation for ketones. As mentioned previously, they usually occur during dehydration or starvation. In your case, you may have been dehydrated if you were unwell before the asthma attack.

    I'm not going to tell you what you should be drinking, but as long as you are keeping youself hydrated then you shouldn't have a problem. A trace of ketones happens often in people who are unwell, it does not always mean diabetes. Glucose and ketones are always checked in conjunction on a urine test (as well as other things) and obviously you didn't have glucose in your urine (if you did the doctor or nurse would have been prompted to do further testing). So I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.

    Good luck.

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    KET on a urine test is the abbreviation for KETONES, >NOT< Ketosis!

    Ketones are toxic chemical that build up in your body when you are sick or malnourished. The amount is normally very small, and passed out of your body through the urine.

    if the urine tests found a large amount of ketones in your urine, then you DO have some kind of problem -- but what it is has yet to be diagnosed. It COULD be diabetes; it COULD be kidney failure; it COULD be just a poor diet! Your doctor will have to work with you some more to determine EXACTLY what the cause is.

    I don;t know what other tests your doctor took, but they usually ALSO take a Urine Sugar Level test. Now, IF you are diabetic you will have BOTH high Ketones AND high urine sugar. if the doctor didn;t tell you that the sugar was high, then you may NOT have diabetes.

    AS for using Diet Pepsi to hydrate -- STOP IT! The extra chemicals in the diet drink CAN make this problem (what ever it is) worse. YOU need pure, clean, water. If you live in a major city, then your tap water is perfectly fine. But if you live in teh country, ans ESPECIALLy if you have your own private well, you need to switch to bottled water.

    Stop the Pepsi; switch to water. Keep in CLOSe contact with the doctor, and be prepared for additional tests.

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    I did not know the KET was ketosis, but I do know from experience two ways to cause ketosis. One is if you are on a diet like the Akins diet where you eat only foods that contain no carbohydrates like, no pasta, no sugar, no fruit, no potato, no bread, no starch of any kind and not even things that are low calorie carbohydrate rich like carrots and tomatoes. You can buy test strips to see if your body is throwing off ketones. Also, all those sugar laden drinks are not good for you. Try to switch as much as you can to water.

    The second way is to develop diabetes and build your blood glucose level to a very high one because you either are producing no insulin (Type 1 diabetes) or your body is unable to properly use glucose for energy in your body and starts to use muscle instead (Type 2 diabetes). If you start feeling very thirsty and having to urinate a lot, or lose a lot of unexplained weight, go to your doctor and ask for an A1C test to seen what the level of your blood glucose has been over the last three months.

    The source below will explain ketones in diabetes.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    What is KET? Just curious.?

    I&#39;ve just come out of hospital from an asthma attack and yesterday I was reading all the tests they did and everything came back negative except for KET, there was a trace in my urine. The nurse just said not to worry about it, she said it normally is a sign of diabetes but seen as I have none...

    Source(s): ket curious: https://tinyurl.im/nqTuh
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  • The Pepsi Max isn't going to hydrate you. You need to drink plain water.

    When blood sugars are high, usually above 250-300, your body begins to automatically burn fat and muscle instead of blood sugar.

    Burning ketones can be a good thing, depending on if you are trying to do it or if you are doing it because of of high blood sugars.

    Trace amounts aren't a problem.

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