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Relationships - Married woman cheating?

About a month or so ago, I got a friend request from a woman aged 30 on Tagged who said she was single and lived in my home town.

We started chatting on msn and she was saying stuff like 'Your so lovely as all other men just want her for sex' whereas I was asking her how her day had been etc.....

She gave me her phone number and asked me to text her and I did this but when I tried to call her, she immediately cut the phone off where it went to voicemail.

She sent me a message saying she couldnt speak at the moment and then we chatted more on msn - at this point, I searched for her on Facebook and found her. I added her and when she accepted my friend request it turns out she is married.

I immediately backed off and told her that I would continue chatting with her as a friend. At this point, other alarm bells had already been ringing as after only 2 days chatting on msn she had said she was developing strong feelings for me and could I be her boyfriend - I found this a little odd and rather desperate on her part.

When I asked her about the marriage, she said she is married to someone who is blind (I am extremely sorry about his condition) but the problem is that he is very controlling and she does not love him but cannot afford to move out as she has nowhere to go.

I said to her that I cannot be with someone who is married as it is not fair on the man. She keeps texting me and I have said I will be friends with her.

I am not a stalker but I put her name into google - she has a really uncommon name so easy to find - and she is on a few websites - some created 2 or 3 years ago - with her profile listed as relationship status 'its complicated' and that she wants to find her 'mr right' - a reference she has made to me several times.

Is she just using people? people have said that if she was genuinely miserable she would just leave him whereas she says she cannot afford it and has nowhere to go - or is she just a player?

Part of me feels sorry for her and the other part feels she is not a very nice person.


I would add that when I made it clear that I wouldnt be involved with a married woman she kept texting me and I was ok with that as a pal but she cannot be rang up and wants to meet me.

Update 2:

thanks for all the messages; she definitely lives in my area due to the things she has said/voters roll etc...

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    If you hear alarming bells inside your head, then stay away from her. She sounds like an opportunist. Doesn't have 'friendship' in her mind.

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    Now a days, more women cheat just as much as the men(in my opinion). Women tends to get away with it a whole lot more than men though. The reason you wonder? Well a cheating female friend a mine said women tends to get away with cheating because their behavior remain the same with the person the are cheating with and their boyfriend or husband. Men behavior changes. They start doing things differently and sometimes acting shady towards the wife. That's how I was able to tell my boyfriends were cheating and 9.9 percent of the time, I later found out that I was right.

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    I think you're being used. It seems like too much of a coincidence that she lives in your home town. The problem with these chat sites is that you don't know whether you're talking to Fine Nadya or Hairy Boris. This just sounds suspiciously like some kind of scam - the lack of love, the controlling behavior, the you're-so-much-nicer-than-the-other-guys stuff, the I-can''s textbook scamming. You can keep texting her, but don't be encouraging, and don't send her any money. If it were me, I'd invite her to look me up after she's single again.

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    Chances are looking good at her/(him???) being some schemer in africa looking for some poor sucker to take there money. Drop this person like a bad habit

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    Feel as sorry for her as you like but put a million miles between you and her. Block her. Cut all contact.

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    Go with the part of you that says that she is not a very nice person.

    She is using her disabled husband, and she will use you, too, if you allow it.

    Cut all contacts with her.

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    She is a con artist. Don't feel sorry for her, cut off communication with her

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    Do not offer her any loans or money. These women are like cats. Once you feed them, they never leave.

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    Get rid of, fast! you are playing with fire!, and will get badly burned! You do not need the Hastle, or the Bulls SH**.?..

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    Watch out, she's looking for someone to finance her divorce, and then it's "so long sucker!".

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