Statistics problem... 10 points reward for help....?

Some units are produced that have a diameter of X which can be described by the density function

f(x) = 6(x-2)(3-x), for 2<x< 3

Units with the diameters greater than 2.8 or less than 2.2 are disposed. Determine the part of the manufactured units that have to be disposed in the long run?

Please show all steps and used equations. Thanks! 10 Points award ....



To Fabianfucci:


Thx for the response. I have some questions regarding your comment:

Where do you get the intervals from?

I do understand the first one A=(2,3), but not where you get the limits on the B and C part.

What do these intervals represent? Could you please explain further? Thanks...

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    Find an expression for the integral of f(x). Use the expression to integrate f(x) in the intervals A=(2,3), B=(2, 2.2), and C=(2.8,3). Add the integrals for B and C, and divide by the integral for A. That's the ratio of units to dispose.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds tough !! Good Luck !!

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