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How many German, British, and French soldiers fought the battle of the Somme?

Approximately how many fought from each country in the battle of the Somme?

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    The battle lasted from the 1st July to November 13 so there would have been a lot of soldiers coming in as replacements and to re-inforce losses. However on day one of the battle there were 27 divisions of Allied soldiers - about 750,000 men and the Germans had 16 divisions or around 450-500,000 men, but they were defending.

    By the end of the battle around 100 divisions had fought in some part of the battle for the Allies and around 50 for the Germans, so I'd estimate that 2,500,000 -3,000,000 men on the Allied side, and 1,250,000 to 1,500,000 for the Germans. Each side lost around 600,000 men although this included wounded men who would have returned to fight.

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    Source(s): Religion, Wikipedia.
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