Why do Atheists insist on insulting Christians or followers of any religion when an honest question is asked?

Yes, this is the internet and anyone can post really post anything they want. But, when a serious theological question is asked, all the "free-thinkers" and Atheist must insist on insulting the one asking the question or the many who answer. Why do my beliefs and practice bring about the insults? I can understand being hounded by evangelicals and such, but they do not account for the rest of us. I respect your non-belief, please respect my belief.

BTW, I am Roman Catholic, and I will not apologize for it.


Thank you for the responses, real or otherwise. I do realize that being Catholic, I take flak from Fundamentalists quite a bit more than from Atheists. This question was not meant to generalize or single anyone out, it was just written the way it was written. No offense intended. Plus, going through the answers has provided insight as to the different types of people.

BTW, I never said the Catholic church was innocent. There are many atrocities in its past, and quite possibly in the future. I will not deny that. The leaders of the church are NOT God or Jesus or otherworldly. They will make mistakes, some worse than others, but they are still human and have the capacity to sin. I will hope and pray that the current and future leaders will be better.

I know what I believe and how I feel and what I have faith in. If I am wrong then I am wrong and it will have no impact on anyone because in the end I will be gone. If I am right, then I will still be dead, hopefully in a better place.

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    I think the answer is not necessarily in the nature of Atheism or religion, but in the nature of communication on the internet.

    Any time anyone makes a statement or asks a question (including this one) that is remotely controversial or contentious, the people most likely to respond- and respond angrily, sarcastically, insultingly- are those that disagree with it. Indeed, it's easier to express a contrary viewpoint than to creatively come up with a new way to say "yes, sir, I agree!"

    So, you, as a Catholic, are likely to ask questions that create responses that will insult your dearest sensibilities. If you were a Muslim, a communist, a hedonist, an Atheist, a hockey fan, a Republican, a Democrat, an Apple or a PC person, and posted questions from that viewpoint, it would, in all likelihood, seem like the world was conspiring against whatever it was you profess to be.

    Keep in mind, however, that just because someone disagrees with you doesn't necessarily make their opinion or reasoning harsh or offensive. I have, as an atheist (whatever that means), encountered many religious folk who consider the simple suggestion that God doesn't exist to be an offensive statement in and of itself. In this way, it is simply not possible for the non-believer to express any sort of heartfelt opinion without treading on the sensibilities of a great many people.

    If this is the case for you, and I'm not saying it is, the problem is not with the statement of disbelief, but with the hearer (you) of that statement.

    Consider also, that your question, from the point of view of this writer, is loaded. The implication of asking "Why do Atheists insist on insulting Christians" and then characterizing the question itself as "honest" immediately implies that ALL atheists behave badly, and that Christians tend, as a rule, to ask honest questions. Right there, in the question itself, is good deal of the reason you're getting insulting responses.

    In other words, you've basically just said "Hey all you rude bastards why do you insist on picking on us honorable, upstanding folk!" You may not have intended this implication, but the phrasing of your statement shouts it from the mountaintops. A lot of folks are liable to take offense at this and log in just to try to "put you in your place."

    Struggle to sort the wheat from the chaff. Some people are, indeed, just posting to get in a nasty zinger. Others, who may seem harsh, are simply making a point in a concise manner. Learning how to tell the difference will make you see the world anew.

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    It's simply not true that ALL atheists insult believers when they ask honest questions.

    (BTW, read the Guidelines for this site and report all abuses you see.)

    There are a lot of atheists who are very bitter toward religion because religion was used to emotionally abuse them when they were children.

    AND there are a lot of believers who seek to impose their beliefs on everyone else, who have caused a LOT of damage (preventing young people from learning science, or getting high quality sex education, preventing people from marrying, even murdering people). Some people over-generalize from these actions.

    Edited to add: There are a LOT of really vile believers who post ugly things about atheists here -- and ask a lot of NOT honest questions. People who don't read carefully see this, even when the asker IS asking an honest question.

    I've seen a lot of believers PRETEND to ask an honest question of atheists, yet pick as Best, not an honest answer, but one of the hate-mongering "atheists are evil" type answer.

    Honest people see abuses from both sides, not only the opposition.

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    I don't understand it either and it really annoys me. I'm a Wiccian and I don't go around and insult people that are asking a question unless it's about Gays and then I really have to insult. However other things don't need to be attacked and I think that if anyone can't answer a question without disrespecting other people they need to shut up. Don't apologize for being Christian around Atheists.

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    10 years ago

    'Why do Atheists insist on insulting Christians or followers

    of any religion when an honest question is asked?'

    That goes both ways.

    'I am Roman Catholic, and I will not apologize for it.'

    Fine, then apologize for the actions of the entire church, not just yourself. I'm not one to sit idly by while you claim innocence of a religion that has a proven criminal record.

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    Well too many atheists are too proud of there non-belief. Frankly, I agree with atheists when it comes time for debate but arrogance gets the best of many people. Evangelists talk more sh!t on catholics than you'd think. but they don't voice it in public. And I've seen catholics talking sh!t on protestants. My belief is that almost no one really holds respect for anyone else's beliefs. Doing so is tough and requires much practice.

    Source(s): Ex-Christian/Atheist/Zen Buddhist
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    10 years ago

    Good for you. I respect your balls in sticking to your guns. But I'm also going to criticise you any time I feel like it. If I were to go around boldly declaring my joint Klan / NAMBLA membership (KLAMBLA) I would expect you and anyone else with some sense to give me **** every chance they got. Isn't the Internet wonderful? It's almost like we can feel free to say whatever **** we actually think w/o worrying about being beaten up for our trouble.

  • 10 years ago

    Because the internet is anonymous, and people can get away with being assholes.

    As long as you respect my decision to believe only in things that are real and provable, I will respect your decision to believe in myth and superstition.

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    10 years ago

    I have no idea what you're talking about. Apparently that does not apply to "all the free-thinkers and atheists", just the ones who annoyed you, which apparently does not include most of us, much less all of us.

  • 10 years ago

    If Christians are asking questions from fellow believers, then I keep away. BUT when I am told not to answer, not asked, but told not to answer, then I am afraid I get annoyed and will stick my two pennyworth in.

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