How do you transfer files from ‘local disk (c: ) to ‘Storage (d: )’ on a laptop ?

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My local disk only has 525mb out of 34.2gb , but I haven’t downloaded any programs , the only thing that’s really on it is music and my work , but my storage still has 114gb left , more
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are these two drives on the same computer? and is the partion D:/ a "backup" or image drive? Also do you have administative rights? Are the Drives Formatted diffrently? Are the two drives using conflicting OS's (such as MAC and Windows)These are the only complications i could see that would give you any trouble other than that just drag and drop.
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  • MavistheMaven answered 4 years ago
    Music files can be large. Yes, it's ridiculously easy to transfer your files.

    1. Right-click on Start and select Explore to get into Windows Explorer.
    2. In the left section, click on My Computer. (On the right, you will see all your drives. )
    3. Click on the + next to My Computer to expand it. Then go to the files you want to transfer.
    4. Select one or several of those files or folders, right-click and select Cut.
    5. Now click on your D drive in the left section and go to where you want to put the files.
    6. Right-click in the right section of Windows Explorer and select Paste.

    Oh, instead of using cut & paste, you can just select the files and drag them to the D drive.
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  • ee answered 4 years ago
    You should browse your folders and do a "alt-enter" on them to see which folders take up the most space. Certain folders you should probably NOT move, ie anything under "Program Files". Files under "My Documents" are usually safe, although music files like those under the iTunes folder may cause problems if moved. Basically, if you created the folder, it's safe to move it. If a program created it, open the program up, look at options, and see if there's an easy way to change location of that folder.
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  • Ukie Man answered 4 years ago
    You absolutely can, just open up the d: drive and drag-n-drop files or w/e you would like
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  • John C answered 4 years ago
    Learning how to move files around your computer is something you should have learned before downloading music! You use Windows Explorer! And you drag and drop them!


    Windows for the newbie!
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