40' Apex flat Screen being used as my moniter + Windows update = F*** *#&@# *$#$@$ #@!% #$#?

Ok so I bought a 40' apex(yes not the best brand) But i got a good deal on it. It was back during black friday. Anyways i hooked it up to my computer using DVI-HDMI and at first i had problems Getting the screen to work work but after a 20 hours of work i finally got everything to work. And i've had numerous problems with my old games and finally found a salutation to Starcraft using a program that takes it out of Full screen(still sucks but playable at least). So this worked since November. Till yesterday when i got home to find out Windows had updated it self. The horrors of last night was unspeakable. Any tech would laugh if they could see my desktop was the size of 4 40" screens. And i would have to scroll around it like a over sized web page. On top of this the opinions that i first used to fix my sizing problems back when i got it were no longer around. just a empty spot where it had been. K well this is all near useless info but maybe you will find it useful.

So anyways after uninstalling and reinstalling my video card drivers 5 times till i finally go my resizing opinions back and finally!!!! got it half way fixed.

but here is where i am at?

A) when i start up a app like World of Warcraft or CODMW2 It's still missing about a half inch of the visable screen on the edges. I took my WOW off Full screen and it works prefect. I don't really like playing that way but i can manage with that. Not all games have that opinion to take it off Full screen I think.

So just a small problem i'm having but that can wait.

B) another problem is that While i was going to trying to fix this i ran in to the problem that in 480i 576i 720i The graphics look normal (awawesome but i was unable to get the screen sizes right. But when i used 1080i res I was able to get the sizes correct and use my max reResolutionBUT! my desktop and most things on weweb pagesre wiggly or vavibrateon stop. It looks uglier then sin. Mind you if i could just get my games to work and WOW does work good in window mode. Looks great and everything. But if i could get them back in Full screen and still not loss any screen i would be a lot happier.

I spent some time looking for many Nvidia has a driver just for 40" apex tv's but it doesn't seem that way.

CPU specs.

I'm rurunningindows XP

G-force 9800 GTX ( Yes GTX not GT. I couldn't find the driver that said GTX just GT you may find that as well.)

Quad-core Pentium processor = 6800+ i think it's that or higher

2 gigs ram

plenty of HD space.

I realize this is a big job and no one is gonna want to take it up. But i would be willing give the person that helps me maybe extra help (no not that gross!!!) like some votes on past questions /whwhistles didn't say anything did you?

Anyways if anyone has run in to this problem and you know a little something please feel free to throw out suggestions.


Well the TV is 1080i and the scrolling is happening in 480i thur 720i

1080i fixes the scrolling but i get the wiggles now which i use to not get those in 1080i before the windows update.

But i do think your correct on the Windows version I will be in deep thought about buying windows 7 today /sadface

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    I've had many problems with XP and TVs and dual screens myself. The problem is XP itself. It's just too old to recognize these new devices so it chooses to make your life miserable. My dual screen setup used to work only when I set it to dual screen. Every time after a reboot I have to reset it to dual screen. And it dosent always work when I set it, only about 15% of the time.

    Another problem is your TV doesn't support 1080 resolution. Thats why its giving you the vibrations. Stick with something lower.

    The key thing to find is the resolution for your TV so you can set it to that. Thats whats giving you the scroll. If you set it too high Windows will break it down into pieces and make edge scroll with the mouse to see other stuff.

    I have upgraded to Windows 7 and I haven't had any of these problems anymore.

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    these are the windows xp driver for the 9800 gtx

    the 40 " (TV) monitor at a guess the screen resolution would be 1360 x 768

    most games you may have to compromise

    a simple sum may help you

    1360 divide by 768 = 1.778 so do this for the game setting resolutions till you find one that fits

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