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1999 ford escort oil change--oil filter?

OK, I went to change the oil on my 1999 ford escort. I found the drain plug no problem and drained the oil. Then, I went to the oil filter from the bottom and it was super tight. I then got my filter wrench but there's just not enough room to get any kind of leverage. I tried changing my plan of attack and tried bashing a hole in it with a screwdriver, but there is just not enough room from the top or the bottom. Is there anything else that I can try to get the thing off?

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    Personally i am a freakishly strong guy so i have never had to use an oil filter wrench. However, at the local parts store you can pick up an oil filter wrench that will take a 3/8'' rachet. Use the filter wrench, an extention and a rachet and you are in business. Remember when installing the new filter make sure the surface the filter tightens to is clean, you can use anything like WD40. I would also recommend taking a finger full of the old oil and running around the gasket of the new filter. And Dont over tighten the new filter.


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    Since you have torn the side of that filter out, keep the wrench strap as close to the engine as possible. If I remember correctly, when you put the new one on remember 1/2 turn after the gasket contacts the block.

    Source(s): I read the instructions on the box.
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