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Do global warming deniers understand, that it can be snowing LIKE CRAZY where they live in temperate..?


And the AVERAGE temperature of the Earth can still be LOWER!!!

The Earth is a big place, and polar ice caps are MASSIVE and store huge amounts of cold - they start to melt, cold starts traveling down where it normally isn't.

When that's all gone, then what the hell do you do? Are we going to send ice trucks up there to replace trillions of tons of ice that isn't there anymore?

(Yes I can't make me believe it...Communist...bla bla bla.)


"by barry" - the "ice caps are growing?"

I guess that's why the Northwest passage is open for the first time in recorded history?

Or why they had a guy swimming at the North pole recently?

I sometimes can't believe the things I'm having to write down.

And "Amalone" - that's the point, when the ice cap is gone, it will be TOO LATE!!!

Update 2:

Thanks Madd Texan, I meant "...Higher".

This stuff can drive you nuts after a while.

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    Q-burt- In reference to your response (eastern antarctic ice sheet), I think you would do better to realize what is apparent and what is real...

    The graphs utilized to make this statement are much more erroneously concerned with sea-ice data and not antarctic ice sheet data. The West Antarctic Ice sheet (as measured by “grace” gravity measurements, “Icesat” altimetry measurements and “Radarsat” InSAR measurements) is losing more ice than the eastern antarctic ice sheet is gaining. Overall the mass balance of ice in antarctica which has implications for sea level rise, shows a reduction in ice by 25 cubic kilometers of ice each year (very conservative estimate). Temperature anomalies over all of Antarctica indicate warming and the antarctic peninsula (where the wilkins is located) has warmed by 4 degrees in the last century. Contrary to what your imply, ice shelves are very important in that they restrict glacier flow into the ocean(contributes to sea-level rise), and when an ice shelf disappears, glacier flow into oceans increase. I can provide references for all this information. Maybe you should research a little more before spreading disinformation.

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    Your heading is possible, the other stuff makes no sense at all.

    Regarding Warming-

    THE FOUNDER OF THE WEATHER CHANNEL ALONG WITH OVER 3,000 SCIENTISTS THINK IT'S BUNK. It's even apparent that Roger Levelle the father of the Carbon theory was not at all convinced his theory was beyond debate.

    Now to your condescending terminology.

    Global warming "deniers"? What a disgusting term intended to evoke the Holocaust as if

    not buying what the Warmists are shoveling is the same as pretending millions of Jews didn't get gassed. It's kind of sick when you think about it.

    Yes, people still do actually read and study issues still rather than buy what the profiteers at the UN and Al Gore who's fortune has grown from 3mil to almost 100 million pushing this hoax.

    This scam is about money and shaking down producers.

    People who don't buy it are not Nazis. However, warmists are like a cult. All who disagree must be discredited and shunned. Don't listen to those scientists over there. They Oil company shills.

    How about Cap and Trade shills? The UN doesn't stand to gain incredible power and money if countries hand over sovereignty and treasure to a governing world body?

    Want some actual science from someone not paid to cook the books?

    The link below is a 7 part Youtube posting of a one hour report by John Colemen the founder of the Weather Channel with the sane side of a debate.

    Several experts including colleagues of the late Roger Revel, the scientist who Gore claims to have inspired his crusade present very credible arguments never seen on main stream news sources.

    In Volume 3 it's revealed that Gore achieved a grade of D in Revel's course on climate and world population.

    He also exposes the IPCC and it's frounders, Al Gore and other Warming Hysteria profiteers for who and what they are.

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    Is it my imagination or are you trying to say the snow is caused by global warming? First of all we know it can snow in temperate climates, but the snow is not being caused by global warming. It is being caused by the el nino current in the Pacific Ocean. The warm current comes up the west coast pushing the jet stream that normally dips down over the west further east. In the west we are getting wetter warmer weather. This weather is not caused by man made global warming.

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    Yes, we can understand "And the AVERAGE temperature of the Earth can still be LOWER!!!" We have been saying this all the time. Thanks for finally admitting it! We also understand that "El Nino" and "La Nina" have more to do with the temperature than "Man Made Global Warming", too bad Global Warmists don't understand that. By the way, What is causing Mars' temperature to rise? Could it be the Sun, or are we to blame for that as well?

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    Do you understand cap and trade is an excuse to tax and take from all Americans. Either you and your ilk are in denial or you don't get a 1099 or W2 form. Working under the table I presume or not working.

    Stop looking for an excuse to tax Americans and we will not care if it is snowing. Savvy!!

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    Hm, didn't Robert Kennedy Jr, just say last year,

    That it doesn't snow in DC and Virgina anymore, because of global warming.

    So if global warming prevented it from snowing in DC, and DC now has 3 feet of snow.

    How can there be global warming anymore ?

    Did Robert Kennedy Jr lie about global warming for partisan political reasons or was he just stupid ?

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    The Eastern Arctic Shelf is increasing in mass, but the earth is warming up...yea, go figure.

    Why can't you understand that 100 years of data edited with bias does not prove Global Warming?

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    There is not a single shred of evidence that human activity has any influence on climate change. None Zilch Zero Nada

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    Just quit asking this question. If they want to get selective science from right wing blogs, just let them. I also think by your statement, you should read up on your thermodynamics and meteorology. The reason for the excess cold is because of the zig-zag shape in the jet stream. Cold doesn't flow to heat. Heat moves toward the cold. It's because temperature is just a measure of the kinetic energy of the molecules or atoms the material is made of. When something has alot of kinetic energy, it is moving fast. The molecules transfer their energy to other molecules by colliding into each other and transferring some of their kinetic energy to them.

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    Settle down. Try to act like a man.

    Stop Bowing Down to Al Gore.

    Gore is just Using You.

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