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Jim Caldwell lost the Super Bowl?

I said it when they made that 4th down stop and ran the ball 3 str8 times they lost the momentum. Jim Caldwell ran a conservative game. Im a Giants fan but don't blame anything on Peyton Manning every time the Saints scored he rallied the troops but there comes a point in time where you can't always do that. I just hate it when teams play conservative when they have the lead i go through it all the time with Tom Coughlin.

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    First off GO G-Men secondly you are totally right you have Peyton Manning for a reason he should be throwing the ball down the field. Also Caldwell was just their to hold the clip board and look good, Peyton should have been calling most of the offensive plays.

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    People who watched the Colts all year know that Caldwell did not follow the same game plan that got the Colts to the Super Bowl.

    Another example - Going for a 51 yard FG with a 43 year old kicker who will make that kick about 10% of the time. You give the Saints the ball at the 41 and your Defense is reeling.

    Absolutely moronic.

    I am so tired of hearing how the onside kick was the difference in the game. The Colts recovered from it an took the lead, for awhile, after that happened.

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    If you think that Jim Caldwell had any control over that offense you need to reevaluate the team. Caldwell was put there was a figurehead because they knew he let Manning do what he does best - run that offense. A lot of factors played into the result of the SB and you can't put the blame on one man - Caldwell or Manning.

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    nicely each time a team does not carry out to expectancies the instructor gets blamed. once you're prevailing human beings have confidence your judgement. They butt out and assist you to run issues. once you're actually not, they flow returned and nit %. each and every selection you made. no one would have puzzled Belichick's selection to decide for it on 4th and a couple of against the Colts in the event that they have been given it, and went directly to win. Then he would have been a mastermind. because of the fact they did not get it and lost, now persons are thinking his skills to steer. there became into no assure that the Colts would make the superbowl, yet their possibilities would drop heavily if Manning have been given harm and that they had to have confidence Curtis Painter with their superbowl run. After seeing Painter's play, do you surely need him top-rated your team in the playoffs? The Colts are the perfect seed in the AFC. they are going to be in be counted in the event that they flow sixteen-0 or not. enjoying for rings is extra useful than enjoying for records. in case you could shop your key gamers wholesome your possibilities are high extra useful in the playoffs. The experts who wanted to ascertain the Colts shop going are the worst bandwagoners available. If the Colts win the superbowl, they are going to question Caldwell for pulling his men and giving freely an undefeated season. that is going to likely be the comparable problem if he loses in the playoffs. even with the incontrovertible fact that if Manning stored enjoying and suffered a extreme harm attempting to chase perfection, and that they lose with Painter??? those comparable experts would be calling for his job for risking Manning in a meaningless interest.

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    The colts obviously looked extremely conservative because look who they were compared to, the saints- who opened the half w/ an onside kick, went for it constantly on 4th down- the colts look more conservative becuase they played against a team that was making alot of untraditional/unconservative calls.

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    When Caldwell took over coaching duties from Manning in week 16 it was all down hill from there

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    i think so he didnt coach good game. i m colts n giants fan. i didnt like how colts coach that game bc from defense they never blitz bc front 4 didnt put any pressure on brees and garcon drop huge catch that could have impacted the game big time. basket didnt recover F on side kick

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    I agree but the WR'S dropped passes that was being caught in the AFC Championship game

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    he wasn't playing conservative. remember it's MANNING who practically runs the offense.

    what did u want him to do? throw a hail mary?

    well FYI, saints hav a GOOD secondary, LEADER in takeaways...

    and all the colts were trying to do was throw short passes/rush & get first downs (notice: the saints pass rush is AWFUL) & just avoid any turnovers (which they werent able to do: so they lost the game)

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    He didnt walk away with the ring, thats about how they determine a loss

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