So what are you guys going to talk about in the football section of answers now that the season is over?

I will still be in this room a little bit but I am going to be more in the baseball and basketball section more especially baseball because it is one of my favorite sports. Football is like 1a and baseball is 1b so I can't really pick one. I enjoyed talking to some of you guys on here and I as the draft get closer I am sure I will see the room pick up once again. See you guys around and if you like baseball or lakers basketball you might be able to find me in the baseball or basketball room. It was a good season and I will see you guys around.

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    The draft, the future, the past...what needs to be done in the off season. The questions will be far less, sometimes a couple hours between them. There will be kids wondering about HS football this summer and what they can do to improve their chances. Trolls will have fun...there will still be some good Q's, just less of them. I'll still be checking football Q's out...but:

    See you in Baseball Shy Guy!!!

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    10 years ago

    The draft coming up and the offseason as a whole. Also be in the baseball and basketball section.

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    This area is large guy. that's a physically powerful place the place Milan, Juventus, Inter, Roma, Napoli, and so on followers can get alongside, nicely i'm hoping we do. i think of we've stable numbers, while in comparison with the different soccer sections. i think it variety of like.. area vs area now for Euro 12. i'm not Italian however, yet love the soccer. overall i think of it is large, the place else ought to you have a communique with different those that share the comparable interest for Italian soccer? Btw: extreme high quality avatar photograph. Forza Milan.

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    I'm probably going to the basketball section

    It's about to be NCAA Tournament time. Basketball is my fave sport and the sport I play

    Football is 2nd to me.

    But damn I don't know what I can talk about or think about to talk about in here. As a Colts fan last night was so depressing

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  • 10 years ago

    See you in baseball and basketball. And don't be shy. sorry.

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    NFL draft

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    I will probably use this forum to sell my slightly soiled collection of inflatbable dolls.

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    I will be kicking the ignorant clone's azz...

  • 10 years ago

    I'm not gonna be here, lol.

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