How dangerous is anal sex without a condom?

Me and my girlfriend are planning to have anal sex soon. (I know weird) and we are wondering. Is it safe to do this without a condom?

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    Unprotected anal sex puts you at risk of not only contracting HIV/AIDS, but other STDs as well. In fact, the risk of HIV transmission is greater than in vaginal intercourse because the lining of the rectum tears more easily than the vagina. The resulting skin breaks and bleeding increase the possibility of the transmission of bodily fluids containing the virus that causes AIDS.

    It is important that if you and your partner have not been tested for STDs, that you practice safe sex during oral, vaginal, and anal sex to avoid STD transmission.

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    Anal Condom

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    The two main ways anal sex might be dangerous would be injury and illness/STD risks. Both of these can be minimized and condoms can be part of that plan.

    Anal sex can be a safe and pleasurable experience if you keep a few things in mind. SFSI's FAQ (see link below) gives lots of details, but the main ideas are communication, lubrication, patience, and protection. Anal tissue is thin and can tear easily. Use lots of lube, take your time, and stop if there is any pain. If you're using a condom, make sure you use water-based lube with a latex condom; if you want to use an oil-based lube, be sure to use a polyurethane condom instead of a latex condom.

    There are some concerns about feces during anal sex and the transmission of diseases. In general, washing around the anus with warm water and soap is sufficient for getting rid of bacteria. If you or your partner are concerned about poop, some people feel more comfortable having anal sex after having an enema. Keep in mind that there are some bacteria in the anal tract that SHOULD NOT get into the vagina. Using a condom can decrease the chance of transferring bacteria into the vagina after anal sex because you can change to a new condom without having to stop and wash.

    Condoms can be helpful in preventing the transmission of STDs. The SF City Clinic Risk Chart lists many STDs that can be transmitted during anal sex including gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV, herpes, and syphilis. If neither partner has an STD, then you are not at risk.

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    Risks Of Anal Sex

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    If you are both virgins ignore the comments about cstching STI's or HIV as they cannot be transmitted on if the virus isn't in your body from unsafe repeated sex no condoms with multiple sex partners.

    Even if you have had sex before with a few partners, doesn't mean you are infected, so if yoy want complete peace of mind go and get tested at a sexual heslth clinic. She can't get pregnant from anal sex.

    She just needs to prepare you should finger her anus with lube work up to 3 fingers and see what she thinks first.

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    It's safe...ish. You definitely want to get the girl to do an enema beforehand. This will protect your penis from infection as well as protect her from the likelihood of embarrassment from excess fecal matter coming out when you pull out. If you are both positive you have no STD's, that makes it much more safe. Lube, obviously is your best friend if you ever wanna get anywhere near there again. Also get her very excited before you even try. I have had a few women love it and a few not so much. Just depends on the woman and how you handle the situation.

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    anal sex should be with someone you know a trust if not must use a condom and allways be careful

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    I want to try this with my girlfriend too. We have talked about it and are willing to but the nervous feeling linger on. So we've decided to try it when we're absolutely the only one's at home with complete privacy. For sure enema will be done, lots of lube, and condoms. Cheers and good luck! Have fun and be VERY VERY GENTLE and CARING, CONSIDER her thoughts and opinions to have her comfortable. Because if anything goes wrong 90% she might not want to try it again.

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    Not dangerous

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