How do I recycle AED pads (automated external defibrillator) used on CPR training dolls?

When practicing CPR the pads we use on the dolls will last only about 10 times before the are so 'dusty' they will not stick properly. Replacing them with new ones is about 10$.

I came up with the idea to recycle them by just applying a new layer of adhesive but what would work best? It should come of easy but should keep the pads in place. Anybody that has experience or bright idea's?

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    Quick and easy solution would be double sided tapes, especially carpet tape, but plain 'office' tape would work well enough. Plastic-based carpet tape is about the closest match for the adhesive.

    I've wondered about the possibility of something like Velcro dots, which would serve a double purpose of replacing the weak stick-um and serve as a visual aid for locations.

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    CPR-AED is more beneficial than CPR alone because most adult victims of witnessed, non-traumatic cardiac arrest are found to be in ventricular fibrillation (VF), which is an absolute indication for defibrillation (chest compressions alone doesn't do much to stop VF and so the need for AED). The recent 2005 Guidelines by the American Heart Association (AHA) considers that "the time from collapse to defibrillation is the single greatest determinant of survival" for these victims because their chances for survival are reduced by 7% to 10% with every passing minute from onset of arrest until defibrillation. This underscores the importance of AEDs and learning to use them in the pre-hospital setting

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