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Has your toddler ever consumed your alcohol?

I had a margarita with dinner. Got up to use the bathroom and when I came back I noticed my 2 year old downed the rest of my drink! I have already talk to my mom who's a nurse, she says just keep and eye on her but I feel AWFUL. Has this ever happened to you?


It was more than half way gone.. I only added a shot. This was over an hour ago, she seems fine and hasn't acted different.... I just feel really, really bad.

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    No... but I very rarely drink (right now - never as I'm pregnant again) and I always put any drink of any kind on a high shelf in case he knocks it over! But it was an easy mistake... not like you are living with bottles of vodka lying around the floor or adding shots of whiskey to her milk! Don't beat yourself up about it... she'll be fine. All toddlers get their hands on something or other at some point... it's simply not possible to watch them every second and I know I've caught my son with various things he shouldn't have had. It's hard being a mum - none of us are perfect!

  • It won't hurt her. Just make sure she gets lots of water and give her something to eat to help settle her stomach.

    I don't drink at all and no one in my family does, no real reason except that it's just not our thing, but my dad always tells the story about my brother being 2 or 3 and being at a Christmas party, he drank 3 cups of spiked fruit punch before anyone noticed he was drinking that instead of the kiddie punch. He puked and got really scared because he didn't understand what intoxication was supposed to feel like, but he was fine.

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    It's never happened to me but I'm sure it's scary. Don't beat yourself up, it was an accident and I'm sure you'll make sure it won't happen again. It depends on how much alcohol was consumed. A 2 year olds body is very different from an adults and what gets us drunk can lead to alcohol poisoning in a child that age, but like I said, it all depends on how much was drunk. The only way to get it out of your childs system is time, or to get his/her stomach pumped. If you trust your Mom to know what she's saying, then just see what happens but I would be extra safe and call poison control and my child Dr, or a DR in general to see what they suggest.

  • shiva
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    you might have one or 2 beverages and feed today away! purely 4 p.c. of the alchol makes it into your breast milk so as long as you're no longer likely to be plagued with the aid of one or 2 beverages then neither will the baby. you do no longer could pump and unload. Breast milk renews itself in basic terms like blood. as quickly because it is out of your blood device it is out of your milk. in case you're making plans to get decrease than the impression of alcohol then wait till you're completly sober lower back previously feeding (day after immediately is probably a stable decision) yet once you pick a tumbler of wine then decide for it.

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  • Nicole
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    10 years ago

    How much alcohol was consumed? if it was just a little i think she will be fine. My toddler hasnt personally consumed any alcohol but my mom said i drank some of her beer by accident as a toddler so i think she should be fine just give her plenty of water

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    She'll be fine. Just make sure she gets some water. My son had some beer when he was about 2, other than sleeping a little longer, he was fine.

  • Leann
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    10 years ago

    When my brother was little, he accidentally had a sip of beer. Within a few days he got the chicken pox. For the longest time, he thought beer gave you chicken poxes

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    So that's where the vodkas been going, I thought I was having blackouts...

    No. Hasn't happened yet.

  • JaNe
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    10 years ago

    no i don't drink, just keep an eye on him, don't feel guilty its not like you made him drink it, it was a accident.

  • 10 years ago

    no keep an eye on him

    how much did he drink

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