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If Peyton Manning wins another Super Bowl can he finally be mentioned in the same breath as Ben Roethlisberger?

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    as a Steelers fan, I will be the 1st to say that Peyton is better

    but Ben doesn't get the respect he deserves,

    because he takes too many hits.

    He does hold a lot of NFL records too, for his short career

    NFL records

    Most regular season wins in a season, rookie QB — 13 (2004)

    Longest regular season win streak to start a career for a NFL QB — 15 games (won all 13 starts in the 2004 season, won first 2 games of the 2005 season)

    Most wins as a starting quarterback in first five NFL seasons (reg. season only) - 51 (from 2004-2008)

    Highest passer rating, rookie season — 98.1 (2004)

    Highest completion percentage, rookie season — 66.4% (2004)

    Most games with a completion percentage of 80.0% or higher, regular season (min. 10 attempts) — 4 (2007)

    (Tie) Most touchdown passes, Monday Night Football game — 5 (11/5/2007 vs. Baltimore Ravens)

    First QB to start two Conference Championship games in first two seasons in the NFL (2004 & 2005)

    Youngest starting QB ever to win the Super Bowl (2005; second-youngest QB to play in the Super Bowl, behind Dan Marino)

    Second quarterback in NFL history, along with Peyton Manning, to register three perfect passing games during the regular season, and the only quarterback to ever register two perfect passing games in one regular season.

    Tied for most seasons with one or more postseason starts in the first five years in the league since 1960, with four starts (tied with Bernie Kosar, Donovan McNabb, and Eli Manning).

    And he did all this with a very average O line

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    Peyton Manning is a better QB than Ben Rothlisberger even though Ben has two rings. Peyton has set many more records and the only reason he doesn't have more rings is because the defense of the colts isn't the best while the steelers defense is one of the top 10 or top 5 with Troy. Peyton doesn't have to win this superbowl to be "mentioned" with Ben..... Peyton has already surpassed Ben.

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    Peyton Manning IS a better QB than Ben Roethlisberger.

    Ben is the one who should consider himself honored to be mentioned in the same breath as Peyton Manning.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Peyton Manning will always be better then Roethlisberger. This questions a joke right?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Plunkett is never mentioned as great wth, if peyton wins another he would be in the breath of Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, and Otto Graham.

  • Really, Peyton will always be better that Roethisberger, Statistacally of course but Roethlisberger always performs his best when it counts and Manning, who didn't won till he was 30 years old

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    Yes. He'll even get a cheeseburger named after him. :D

    Then Peyton will star in a new movie called Peyton Beats The Who Dats!

  • Anonymous
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    When both of these guys retire. No one will remember Ben Roth? Wait, What was his name again. Ben Hamburger? No that was not it?

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe he'll even be able to work out some endorsement deals if the Colts win it again.

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