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Seaside holiday in the South of France- where's a nice place to go?

My friend and I want to go to the South of France for a week in August to enjoy the sunshine and to brush up on our Francais. We'll both be 17 then, and we want to go somewhere fun, where there's lots to do. Preferably a fairly big town, and there MUST be a nice beach :)

Any suggestions?

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    I've been to Nice 3 times and have enjoyed every minute of it. The calm beach and the warm sunshine. Not to forget the sea, the Mediterranean is great there. I advise you, you'll find nowhere in France better than Nice if you want beach & sunshine. Good Luck with your trip !!

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    South France is a big place.

    Most people agree that South of France is the Med coast. The Eastern part is busier and more expensive than the Western part.

    The best nightlife is at Cap d'Agde, although you may not be admitted at 17.

    The larger towns actually on the coast are in the Eastern part.

    The best beaches (inc empty sand dunes with no road access) are in the West.

    Photos of Western parts :


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    Its a fairly big town and the beach is like a 15 minute bus ride. Lots of fun things to do since its like a college town. Plus its cheaper than other cities in the south.

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    Biarritz, St Jean de Luz, Noirmoutier (not as far south but a lovely island where you'll be safe with fabulous beaches! much less expensive than the Riviera and the weather is hot and sunny!)definately not Marseille! that's a dangerous city for 2 young girls. Do be careful though and watch the movie "taken" with Liam Neeson, at least you'll be aware of the worst case scenario....

    Have fun and stay together, never let one girl go off with a guy alone, ever, under any circumstances...

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    I went to Carcassonne, a walled city where they filmed parts of Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. It's fairly close to Narbonne which has beaches and Montpelier which is a large city, however I think Narbonne is like the French version of Blackpool.

    Nice, Monaco and Cannes are probably the most famous but fairly expensive.

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    biarritz is the best solution here...from marseille to cannes to nice is so so expensive an not as good!!iv been down their..biarittz is cheap funky an great beaches an is on west coast..its a ryanir destination from birmingham an stansted an dublin so its fantastic!! def stay south west or ul regret it!

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    Southern France is likely one among the main impossible to withstand places for vacationers. usually the sunlight shines all year around and there are some wonderful places to bypass to in South France. Southern France is the perfect place to decide for a memorable holiday holiday. Collioure is likely one among the alluring and picturesque places in southern France, this place certainly deserve a bypass to. There the wonderful sea is surrounded with the aid of alluring mountains, you are able to loosen up on the stunning sea coast-area and its superb harbor, and there are eating places alongside the sea coast area besides. There are 3 different seashores in collioure that are separated with the aid of fort and church. it is on the brink of Spanish harbor. Collioure is the perfect place to bypass to in Southern France. it is likely one among the main alluring places interior the south of France. you are able to swim interior the calm serene water of collioure or hike on the alluring mountains. besides this superb port has many artwork galleries. you are able to savour swimming, trekking, bypass to the royal fort, church, the slender streets, artwork galleries and can loosen up on the Mediterranean bay. Collioure is the perfect place to bypass to in Southern France; it’s the little valuable gem of France.

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    A few ideas to help you to make your choice :

    - Mediterranean sea (calm and in some places dirty) or powerfull waves of the ocean ?

    - do you seek for calm places to do fishing, scuba diving or crowded places full of teenagers seeking for easy girls, casino to have fun and spend money, usually with lots of tourists ?

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    Cannes is very nice but quite expensive if you want you a view on the sea.

    Don't go to Marseilles, it's horrible.

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    ok, first of all i dont wanna sound like a negative guy, but in MY experience you got to have a man that knows the country with you. have you seen "taken"? france is more sinister. only because its europe, it doesnt mean its ok. heck, we even used to have our own jack the ripper in the 90s. did you know that french people are spiteful of english speaking people? careful.

    i recommend marseille.

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