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whats the most scariest movie you ever seen?

whats the scariest movie you ever seen???? im just curious because i want to see a really scary movie!!!!!!!!

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    The grudge; dead set x


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    Dead Silence wasn't THAT scary. The scariest movie I have ever seen was Camp Rock. Oh,the horror! I only saw half of it with my cousins and they smiled the whole time! I was hugging my teddy bear, Gerard while my friend was hugging my other teddy bear, Frank. O.O *shivers*

  • The Silence of the Lambs. Don't do it. Don't tell me "it's not horror, it's too sophisticated to be horror" It. Is. Horror. Don't say "it's a psychological thriller" no. It. Is. Horror.

    Scariest. *******. Movie. EVER!

    It's about a FBI agent (Jodie Foster) who goes and interrogates an brilliant ex-psychologist turned serial Cannibal (Anthony Hopkins-pure genius) to try and get information about "Buffalo Bill" (Ted Levine) a serial killer who skins his female victims. FRIGGIN SCARY! but aside from the terror, it is so so good. it is one of three films EVER that won the oscar grand slam, winning the 5 highest awards possible

    watch it

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    The scariest movie that I've ever seen is The Exorcist, the original. But also Quarantine freaked me out too!

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    Rosemary's Baby. It's old but one of the scariest psychological movies ever. And not one drop of blood.

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    The Shining with Jack Nicholson

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    Years ago I was sitting in my living room watching "Poltergeist". The movie is truly a scary one. But, that night it was even scarier for me! Early in the movie, there is a scene where the bottom of the daughter's milk glass drops off and all the milk falls into her lap. Just as they reached that scene, the bottom of my glass fell off and all the pop and ice fell into my lap! I about had a heart attack!!

    I also thought that the original "Aliens" movie was kind of scary.

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    The Exorcist (uncut) version

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    Paranormal Activity.

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    Dear John

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    House on Haunted Hill (1999).

    I literally crapped my pants the first time I saw it.

    Oh, and Child's Play is another good one.

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