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After the Colts win the Super Bowl who will get the Gatorade shower,Peyton Manning or Jim Caldwell?

So watcha think?

BTW I'm a Panther fan,not a bandwagoner.


its a joke!

cant u play along

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    Peyton Manning is going to let Caldwell coach again this week....... not looking good, we saw what happened last time he tried that (week 16)

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    Easy there fella. I know that loss is still working ya but man Caldwell had little to do with their loss. The Colts were prepared, motivated and geared to win that game which is why they were able to dominate the first quarter. The real reason the Colts lost was the same reason why they have lost every other season and why other "great" qb's never win titles. Peyton, no matter how good he is, has a "stud" complex and that never bolds well at that position. So what do you get? Several of their teams early last decade that had far more talent were held back because of Peyton's need to show im the "stud" and throw the ball 40+ times a game and they lost in the playoffs for that reason. The only time he won a title was when he got out of the way and managed the game properly. Take Tommy Brady for ex., the guy has a weak arm and tends to throw pics in big games but when the Pats used him to simply manage the game they won 3 SB's and the year he was to carry the team he couldn't get it done. The fact is QB's don't win games they lose them and if you don't have an organization set up to control their ego you wont win consistently in the playoffs. So no, don't fault Jim Caldwell he's not the guy that checks out of running plays at the line and on a key third down push the ball down the field instead of taking 5 yards on a check down(I wanted to kick Peyton's butt after they missed the field goal) and setting your kicker up for a solid attempt. It was not Jim Caldwell that had several bad throws, before the Int., or that stared down Reggie Wayne. Fault Peyton and the Colts as an organization for not controlling his ego! If you don't believe me look at the difference between the careers of these qb's. Elway- Didn't win until they decided to run Marino- Never ran the ball and never won because of it Favre- Only was great when Holmgren was able to keep him in check *They need a great D- This notion of getting their defense far better is hogwash! The cap doesn't allow complete teams anymore and the only thing they can do is help the D out by limiting their time on the field.

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    well i wouldnt say who will get the gatorade shower cuzz they havnt won yet im a colts fan and i dont like it when u say there gunna win i want to see the game 1st got dat

    also u forgot who will get the gatorade shower peyton manning jim caldwell,or drew brees and sean peyton???

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    Neither because they are going to loose. Sean Peyton will probably get it when the Saints win.

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    lol. It's obviously going to be the coach who gets the Gatorade shower. I hope Peyton has Gatorade-proof clothes on after the game...

  • Peyton Manning's going to take the Gatorade Jug over to the ESPN broadcasting booth and dump it on Tony Dungy's head.

  • Peyton Manning. Although he'll probably be too smart for it and just hit the ground in the fetal position.

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    Don't count saints out so easily. Brees is the real deal. Should be a tight game as long as the saints can contain (not stop) Manning.

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    Caldwell. and maybe Manning too, but i dont think so. and this guy Raul is a big box o stupidness iv seen a few of his answers...not very good.

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    Sean Payton

    48-45...its gonna be shootout, but the Saints are gonna pull this one out

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