Info on Graphic designing career and sketch art?

Can anyone tell me the specifics about a graphic designing career? I like sketch art, but I'm not sure if I can rely on sketch art as a career. Maybe a side income. So i'm researching careers in the art field. And I'm seeing alot of careers in graphic designing. I just need some info as to what is needed to do in that field and the salary.

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    You can study graphic design and become an illustrator, or you can just study illustration. Studying graphic design will give you more opportunities though and you will have a chance to find out what else you are good at or enjoy. Graphic Design courses can include photography, illustration, drawing, digital arts, 3D/industrial design and even textile design. But pure graphic design is this: the design of anything 2D that you see around you. Labels, posters, logos, prints, websites, even the typeface I am typing in right now was decided on by a Graphic Designer. As a pure graphic designer you can work at an ad agency and design big campaigns or at companies' marketing departments (these pay better).

    Pay? You'll probably end up getting an average salary, enough to do what you want and go on holiday once a year. Some designers or illustrators who are very good and passionate reach better heights and become rich and famous. But seriously though, no designer goes into it for the money. We are all crazy in love with design and fancy we have the most important and fun jobs in the world. We are also usually rather hippie, so we don't cry over not being very rich.

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  • Go on some short courses in computer applications like Adobe Photoshop, etc, and Photography.

    Send for the Prospectuses of local art/technical colleges to see what part- time courses in these and related graphics disciplines are on offer, and how they can be funded.

    In the meantime , stop using the unfortunate term ' sketch- art', which gives people the impression you're just playing at it, and start thinking of yourself as a potential illustrator.

    You can -

    Keep sketchbooks / notebooks to collect visual/ written information related to graphics (from practising typefaces / Logos/signs, etc to costing and estimating)

    Set some bigger tasks for yourself - eg a topic like ' Holidays' - design everything from the travel posters to the luggage labels and room service menus

    Collect a cuttings scrapbook - fill it with samples of lettering, illustrations, labels, tickets , comic art etc that has interested you - all good graphic designers are eclectic in this way, keep files of them online too

    Study the recent and distant history of ' commercial' art - lots of material available on vintage poster art, magazine illustration and so on

    Eventually, you'll have enough skills and knowledge to decide what the next step is - I chose teaching , and loved teaching graphics, because even the most disaffected kids enjoyed it .

    Good luck , hope this helps

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