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VBAC- What are my chances?

I had 2 C-sections a year apart. Now after 4 years I'm considering getting pregnant. Can I have a VBAC? Let alone a home birth.

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    There is no law that you can't. I had a VBAC myself very successfully just this last August. There are a few factors that your doctor will need to take into acount before he gives you the go ahead though. The two main things are, 1) What were the reasons for the two previous c sections and 2) The level and thickness of the scar tissue on your abdomen and uterus. The main fear in VBAC's are uterine rupture.

    Just as a heads up you can always go and talk to your OB and get examined.

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    Yes - that is typically called a 2VBAC. My BFF had one. It can be harder to find a midwife willing to do one, but that also depends on your health, etc...

    You can start looking by checking here: http://www.midwife.org/find.cfm

    GL! I hope it all works out!

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