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What does the term "full out" mean in reference to cheerleading?

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    those silly people who tried to tell you what full out mean is wrong.

    full out means that you have to do the routine with all tumbling, stunts, dance, motions, etc.

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    In cheerleading, as in many competitions, there are league divisions, in keeping with means point or college length, etc. in many situations there'll be an A branch,a B branch, a C branch, etc, the place the A branch includes super faculties with the main proficient athletes. In an Open journey, there isn't any quandary to who can enter. So if there's a team at a B branch team it is incredibly out of their league with expertise, they might enter the journey to compete with the A branch communities. in short, it ability that the competition is "open" to everyone. And it means that the very suited are probable to be there.

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    OOPS, I GUESS IT'S NOT THE SAME FOR GYMNASTICS AND CHEERLEADING. I'm leaving these up anyways incase anyone wants to know what they refer to in gymnastics.

    I am not 100% sure about cheerleading, but it gymnastics, it refers to a double back with a full twist in the second salto (flip). There are two full outs in this routine:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (the 1st and 3rd tumbling passes).

    By the way, I'd watch the next two routines all the way through, because they are amazing!

    This is different from a full in, which refers to a double back with the full twist in the first salto:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (piked full in) and

    Youtube thumbnail

    (tucked full in).

    Another way to do it is a 1/2 in 1/2 out:

    Youtube thumbnail

    (1/2 twist in each salto).

    They are valued the same in the code of points. It is uncommon to see full outs on floor. They are usually done as bars dismounts, it seems.

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    a FULL DOWN is when you are up in a stunt and spin down from it not Full Out

    Full Out is a term used to say do everything to the fullest extent

    go up in every stunt do EVERYTHING, do every move sharp and on time

    hit every stunt perfectly, basically do everything like you would do it in competition

    Source(s): I'm a cheerleader
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    for every member of a stunt group but the flyer it's the same as a regular cradle, but the flyer completes one full 360 degree spin before she is caught in the cradle. it can be done out of almost any stunt and looks more spectacular out of a liberty when the flyer twists out of heel stretch or bow and arrow.

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