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Has Metallica suffered due to the loss of Jason Newsted?

Has the metal band Metallica suffered due to the loss of Jason Newsted? Do the fans of the band feel let down because Jason was forced to quit the band he loved to play with so much. Does this "new age" version of Metallica have the same fire it used to have. There is no denying that Jason was an energetic, passionate member of Metallica who fans could relate to and with that connection gone is Metallica becoming a band too detracted from their fans?

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    Jason Newstead was bassist during Metallica was at its peak commercially, but not necessarily musically. He was a decent bassist but didn't quite replace Cliff Burton, from the band's point of view. This was particularly noticeable as Newstead was only credited with 3 songs in his entire Metallica carrier.

    Anyway, Burton would definetly be the band's best bassist out of the 3. Robert Trujilo I think is just as good, if not better than Newstead. Newstead's bass was good in Holier Than Thou but trujillo's bass is really awesome in Suicide & redemption on their new album Death Magnetic.

    Jason newstead's departure did evidence a change in the band's style, but this could well be a change for the better, as Death Magnetic is considered to be a revival of their classic heavy metal in the 80s.

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