why do the cities in the uk not have tall buildings like in new york etc?

I mean in the cities there is some quite tall buildings, but there is no buildings in the cities like they have in new york. Why are the buildings so much smaller, compared to places like, new york, sydney etc. London and england a well known and has plenty of money, so why all the low density buildings? it would be nice to go to my local city and see buildings like they have in cities of america. london is quite tall, but its not like other cities. in recent times, in london, they have started designing and creating much taller buildings. i hope they carry on with this. i always think cities with lots of tall buildings, make it look so much nicer.


i know london has sky scrapers. there is one building in london what is 1017ft tall and compared to the empire state building, it is only 200 ft (roughly smaller) which is pretty good going. i may be underestimating the size of buildings over here lo, some cities near me are low dense

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    Because we value our old buildings AND the London view must be protected. There are also many more rules and regulations and many of these are protected listed buildings (Listed means it cannot be changed without permission and needs to be in keeping with it's current looks)

    We do not need 20 towers dominating everything else that is beautiful and lovely about the city skyline, we also have resential areas among the city trading areas as well as parks and tourist attractions and we are much more mixed up than America in terms of lay outs of roads and housing.

    I for one pray that London skyline NEVER gets too overcrowded with skyscrapers, there are plenty of decent sized buildings, lovely buildings, interesting buildings and we not need to build more and more towers, higher and higher buildings, just to be ahead of the USA or because you think it *looks* nice.

    We have own special mix, just like you do. We need to keep that, not look like every other city in every other country.

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    Well, I can only comment on Glasgow (my home town). They originally had an ordinance limiting the height of buildings because of fire regulations. The council also argued that very tall buildings would be out of keeping with Glasgow's traditional architecture which only went up to about eight stories or so. It's all a bit odd since they built dozens of 20+ storey eyesores during the 1960s.

    Anyway, these rules now appear to have been quietly dropped. The average height of buildings is slowly rising and there are several 30 or 40 storey buildings under design or construction in the city centre.

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    sky scrapers in places like new York started being built because of a lack of ground space, they wanted offices with lots of floor space but due to the city being so cramped did not have the space for large offices.

    instead they just built upwards.

    In London for a long, long time, it was the law that NO Building could be built that would block the view of St Paul's, i.e people should be able to see the dome of st Paul's from all over london.

    after WW2, English cities did not need to build sky scrapers as thanks to the german air force, there was lots and lots of empty space around, which could be filled with large offices that were only a few floors but had much more floor space on each floor.

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    It's because there are alot of regulations and we had the great fire of london and the views of st Paul's had to be seen from all over. they still do but we can get around this.

    but now after the recession is clear lots of city's will start building upwards again. London's planning 5 very tall buildings (the tallest is under construction) and it should be ready for 2012!

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    London does have tall skyscrapers in Canary Wharf just to the South of the city. It makes no sense to start building tall skyscrapers in central london as it doesn't have the infrastructure to cope with transporting any more people in - the tube is already way over-packed in the mornings as it is.

    Huge business developments are starting to happen just outside London along the Eurostar train route running out of the UK to Paris and Brussels. In fact, it could be quicker for a businessman located 20 miles out of London to catch a high-speed train into Waterloo than someone catching a taxi from North London.. and also of course catching a train to Paris rather than catch a flight.

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    Also building a large building requires a substantial amount of space within a downtown city area. A lot of your cities are historic and you don't want to just go around plowing down any old building to put up a giant skyscraper.

  • To be honest I think the UK would be a lot ether with skyscraper - I live in Liverpool and there are a couple of tall buildings but no 'skyscrapers'

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    London is an older city, a lot of the land was already built on leaving less room for skyscrapers.

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    there are more regulations in terms of height restrictions to preserve historic buildings and the skylines as well as the rights of adjacent buildings to air and daylight - views of St Pauls and the Houses of Parliament (and similar iconic buildings in other cities - like Liverpool's waterfront) etc.

    After the war many of the big cities including London had to rebuild their city centres and it was much cheaper to expand outwards than upwards.

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